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    Camera and data or not take it? (http://goo.gl/7Db7I0)
  2. LIjON


    what about camera?
  3. <p>can you change the background? too much mt's)
  4. <p>oh, yes. can i flash stock kernel, then update and new kernel?
  5. <p>when i flashed update.zip, i can't boot my device( what's the problem?
  6. all archives from first post apart from Update
  7. one little problem: my settings looks like usual
  8. can you give me a link on LowUndervolted kernel from Lens?
  9. I download torch from market, and he is working. Problem in me)
  10. <p>it didn't help, maybe I didn't install torch in aroma?
  11. <p>I like this Rom very much, big thanks to Acer-, but I have a problem: torch in statusbar isn't working.
  12. Thanks, I'll flash it now (v1.3 S)

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