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  1. Wow, great kick-off Konstat :) I got a Lumia 800 few time ago and my Blade is a bit retired... I'll try it just to follow your work :)
  2. Hallo :) Since the last build, the cell standby process droped to about 25% :) I'm not sure if this value is right, but it's quite usable now. With 12 calls (37minutes), some sms and 45min of web browsing (mix wi-fi and mobile data), I have ~36 hours since last charge and about 30% left. I was thinking about a new phone but I'll keep this for some time, I'm very happy with this rom :) Thanks Konstat and Co :)
  3. Hi :) After about a week using this amazing build, I found 2 issues. 1st is the same that I had in CM9, when I turn 3G off (only 2G networks) the phone doesn't enter in deep sleep. But I can live with that.. :) 2nd one is more annoying, Cell Standby process is "eating" about 60% of the battery. I saw in xda forum that S3 have a look like issue but it's just a script error that is causing wrong statistics, in my case my battery is draining about 10% per hour in stand by and deep sleep. sometimes it works fine but most of the time it don't. does anyone having the same issue?
  4. Hei KonstaT :) I'd install this build today, for now everything works pretty well! I thought your ICS build was good but this one is much better! That's a great work :)
  5. I'm using Acrobits, because built in SIP doesn't support TLS SIPS transport protocol. It's odd because I can call to myself (VoIP to GSM) and it works, but if I try to call anyone else, Acrobits stop works but the call continues for the receiver. I'm pretty sure that it was working in some earlier build but don't know when it got broken. Think I'll have to go back to CM7... :(
  6. Hi guys, I'd looking and found no references for that, but anyone tried to make VoIP calls with this ROM? I'm using CFX and it's not working... it's a "must to have" for me, because of my work... Thanks a lot for your effort! :)
  7. noob question, what is the procedure to remove unecessary files? just unzip, delete and zip again? do I need to generate new RSA certificates or any other files? many thanks!
  8. I had the same issue but once I forgot to disable 3G networks et voilá... Try to enable 2G/3G for some time and see if you get some results... it's working for me since 29/03 build. btw, my phone is draining about 2~3% at night.
  9. Hi :) SIP software stops working since 29/05 build... I saw a few pages ago that are more people with this problem. Anyone manage to fix this? I have a SIP account from my company and I have to use it a lot for international calls :(
  10. I'm not using a virtual operator, don't think it's linked. As far as I saw, I don't need to reboot it to stops being awake, just putting on 3G "solves" the issue on my phone... I just updated to last rom, camera preview is flickering and video record don't work :( I didn't do a full wipe, only Dalvik.
  11. I had a battery drain as well. I used CPU Spy to check and in 95% of the time the phone was on 128MHz and not in deep sleep. Tryed to see which service/app was keeping the phone awake and just realise that this problem only occurs with 2G only network, If I keep 2G/3G, everything works properly :)
  12. Surely sure :P It was only to tell the exact model... About the battery, from 18h00 to 21h00 with 3 calls (total time ~9min), battery discharges 11%... seems pretty good :)
  13. Think it's working :) I'd reboot the phone, took some pictures and let it be in stand by... 0% in about 2,5 hours :)
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