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  1. An update for this Rom?! first the blade gets 4.3/4 now a classic Rom has a update,this phone will not die! :-D
  2. After first day of use,(using 8/6/14 Rom)I found for me(at least) the phone got hot,And playstore kept asking me to sign into my Google account,tried the trick with wiping data etc from playstore app and Google services framework, but it still does it,but after the third try of installing apps,it downloads the them.calls,texts and emails work fine.and I know this Rom just got released so there will be some 'hickups' along the way.but like most roms,I think it may just need a few more days to work smooth.
  3. downloaded latest build(8/6/14)road testing now. i may be using a THL W100 phone now but i still check whats going on with the blade. 4.3!! who would know? nice one. :)
  4. just installed on both of my blades(gen 1 + 2) the phone im using now is the thl w100, but i couldn`t help trying this! working fine on both blades.and the storage is unbelievable! nice one zeelog,glad to see the blade is still going strong.i swore off zte after my bad experience with the grand x.yet this phone keeps going and going!! no FM radio,but all good things come to those who wait.great ROM.
  5. Sorry to ask, but will your light notification fix work on the thl w100 as well?
  6. ok thanks for the reply,and have a coffee on me via donation,thanks for the app.
  7. morning,ive noticed on the new update that you have added support for MTK8389 based phones,here is another big ask! is it possible to add support for MTK6577 based phones as well? as i have a copy of the note phone ( Star N8000+ (JB 4.1.1) e1908_v77_jbl1_9p017_6628 ) there are few mods for this phone using xposed,but nothing much.i know, a big ask,but as you have been weaving the magic for the MTK6589,i can always hope!!
  8. just to let you know that the Button backlight notifications (experimental) mod is working on my phone(i9389) as the led notifications don`t work on my phone. i know i should reply on xda,but as ive only made about 10 posts i guess you know it wont let me!! will try to sort out beer/coffee tokens for you if xda lets me use the donate button!! this maybe a big ask,and im not a developer, but could you make a mod so more icons can go on the lockscreen? i know i can add apps on the lockscreen via left and right by adding it but my lockscreen settings doesn`t let me add extra icons in the circle part to unlock the screen,is this possible? it would be great if you could, here is a screenshot of what i mean.or is it a limitation of 4.2.1?(or maybe my phone?) cheers.
  9. using your apk on my i9389(mtk6589) working great! i would say thanks on xda but it keeps saying this a developer apk but i installed with no fuss. just on the hunt now for a custom rom! lol!
  10. just had look,its for the dual sim version,i feel its needs porting to the grand x single sim version.looked at the xda link,from the pics posted on xda it is for the dual sim.nothing is every easy with the grand x!! update......just tried to load it via cwm recovery,keeps saying installation aborted.i will dowload it again but i still think its for the dual sim.good look for the rom.
  11. you sure this for the one sim version of the grand x? i will look,but as i dont use my g.x. anymore,(missing/late e-mails,texts) i may not be able a full review,and thats if it boots on the phone!
  12. for help with the master key bug download master key dual fix and blue box security apps(both free) from play store.(blue box tells you if you have the master key bug(s) ) in the dual key app there is a link to xda for the patch to sort the bug(s) out. here is a direct link to xda for xposed installer app which sorts the bug(s) out. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1574401 download the third file its an app(phone must be rooted by the way! ) do what it says,reboot, use the blue box security app to see if you have been patched(also tells you if you have the bug)(also check the dual key one as well and thats it.
  13. for me it was the text(s) and emails or lack of them I was getting that drove me away in the end.and ZTE have abandoned it, so no help from them.
  14. i had the same problem with c.w.m. recovery, if you look in this topic http://www.modaco.com/topic/361425-problem-with-grand-x-whistle/page__st__80 (last post i gave the answer.) but i didn`t touch any other files. but if you have lost the original ROM that came with the phone you and ZTE for your country wont give the stock ROM,you may have to down load the B05 update ROM the Russian forum that starscream mod ROM is based on. here is a link for the Russian site. http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=398670&st=2740 i don`t know if ZTE in your country will update your version of the Grand X but ZTE said they wont update it to jellybean and i gave up with it and went back to my trustee ZTE Blade(saving up for a new phone!), as i was forever not receiving texts and e-mails(and some not even turning up!! ) hopefully you know how to install the B05 update ROM via recovery. and maybe some one posted on this forum your version of your stock ROM.
  15. I'm on a talk 900 deal with 3, so this deal looks great. especially with the unlimited data part. so I will look in to it. thanks for the heads up.
  16. . sorry,forgot about tapping on build no. only fault I have find was the launcher f/c all the time. will check other p.a. settings if that helps.thanks for the reply.
  17. just installed this on my spare blade,and this will sound like a real newbie question,but where is USB debugging? I've looked all over settings and its not there! any help? thanks.
  18. . never used mounts 2sd,will have to check it out. B.T.W,my phone only works in the railway arms!!
  19. I find stock music app was force closing so I wiped data in apps(settings) and that cured it.for a good browser, I use opera. also find this rom didn't lag on this phone.(Gen2 5 mp camera version) and using link 2 SD always helps.
  20. no it won't unlock(sim free) the phone. the B05 update just improves a few things like not receiving or late text(sms) messages and some apps f/c issues.
  21. hello Jventura,i want to try your rom but every time i try to download the mini G.apps,it keeps trying download ived manager.or it cant find the page where the G apps file is.do you have any other downloading site i can get the Gaaps file? or anyone else has the Gaaps file? thanks.-----update---- sorry problem my end,its downloading now.
  22. right, before doing doing this,try a different usb cable,just in case its the cable giving you problems. download grand x/970 tools from post 12 on this thread.(you already copied/pasted it on one of your earlier posts) extract it (on comp)select MTP on your phone for connect to P.C. in settings.connect phone to computer via USB,start grand/v970 tools follow what it says and you should have root but you can`t install recovery until you have rooted the phone.if 970 tools stays yellow connect the phone via connect to PC software( via connect to PC in phone settings)restart v970 tools, if the phone wont root go to XDA and download root by restore here is the link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1886460 do what it says,and you should have root,its on VERSION 30, but if you search on Google for version 17 that works best with this phone. after you get root,go back to grand x/v970 tools and follow what it says to install recovery,
  23. Ok,your phone reminds of the B05 update for the Russian grand x(one sim version) take a look at this screenshot of my phone, your settings for connect to P.C. should be the same.connect via MTP mode and it should enable USB debugging mode(so you can root it) hope it helps.
  24. for the grand x v970, MTP mode is in connect to PC in settings and is USB debugging. on the UK version of the grand x, USB debugging is in developer options. if using grand x tools(v970) sometimes rooting may not work(depends if the phone likes it) if it don't, try root by restore from xda. then install recovery via grand x tools.
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