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  1. where i found kernel source? sorry but i search by google but i don't find nothing EDIT: FOUND IN MODACO POST CM9.... you're post :)
  2. ok tomorrow i try to understand something!
  3. I used link2sd for 1 years. But i found these problem: -My gallery don't recognize my sd but if i use a file explorer it works. -My camera for the first point don't works yesterday i found that cpu governor in your cm have a problem.If you use smothassv2 o smartass the phone don't work well. For example when the lokers start, if you try to re-activate the screen it blink and after it works, or sometimes it doesn't work and i must remove the battery. So now i use ondemand governor. This rom works very well for me but the governor is a real problem. i'd like to understand how to solve the problem abaut cm9 to help you and lens..
  4. can i follow this link to install darktremor script? http://androidforums.com/ascend-all-things-root/339829-use-darktremors-a2sd-cm7.html
  5. i want to flash this rom. Now i have cm 7.24. Can i flash directly this rom after wipe?
  6. can you reupload you're version plese?? I find a bug about cpu governor. If i set Smoothass or anotherone governor the phone sometimes when it goes on standby, if i try to unlock the phone it show me unlock display after 1 second the display turn off and after 1 second i see the unlock image and i can use the phone...the problem is the governor,
  8. I have re-partitioned my sd. reflash cm7. i reboot and all work right. after i install darktremor script and now it freeze at acer dmd image on boot. any solution please?
  9. how i can restore the original cm7 kernel?
  10. this: "Lately I've been having a strange problem with this ROM. I use a sdcard SDHC 8Gb + LinkSD with Fat + Ext 2 (or Ext 3 can't remember) partitions, and everything worked perfectly for several months, but since the last week that 5 in 5 minutes when I try to access to the gallery or any file in FAT partition i got an error "sd card dismouted or not present" but the Ext partition where applications are located, still accessible. I unmount the card in settings and reassemble, and everything is ok, I access to both partitions FAT and EXT but after about 5min FAT partition is unavailable again and Ext partition remains ok. Any idea to the solution?" so yes u have tecnolover kernel!
  11. I have the same problem for gallery. Have you resoleved it? So i have another problem.. sometimes when unlocking the screen with the button next to the jack in the screen lights up for a milli second, but turns off the touch continues to work even when the screen is black, in the sense that I can unlock it and go around the phone . This only happens on these occasions. Any solution?
  12. Are you sure? I read that it can do malfuction in this rom if i reflash the kernel.
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