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  1. cmiuc

    How to Upgrade Memory on HTC HD7 to 32GB

    i did the upgrade, although it wasn't the exact same as what they had on XDA, it was pretty close, so you need to watch in every country and as technolgy does, it changes...i believe the biggest thing to notice is that its CID type card... has anyone tried 64g?
  2. yeah, file a ticket with HTC...and you know their websites says, "We don't provide this solution, you need to go to the 3rd party solution providers on Marketplace"... their support group concur... they also say that Peter Chou's Ceo PROMISE to unlock all the boot loaders on their system is fake and false info... and if u file a ticket, and 3 months they suggest that things that don'e exist.... like i have been wanting the boot loader so at least can get the files off... but no, they command me to give up.. its such a load.. when a company says they are committed to customer satisfaction(both MS and HTC) yet they have not done a thing to improve their products to those who already have processed. one day... we all are going to say, 'were not going to take it anymore"
  3. This whole group of people need to find new jobs outside of technical ones...if anyone needs a couch potato that can't do diddly squat..these people fit... or if a company needs someone to drag things out with useless and endless crap...well good people to hire... but if ur a student and want a key, well unless you send them them your genealogical back to Adam or to the ape, then you might get a key... but that's after they talk about nothing for a long time... their website is called re-do, not continue.... I've had so much problems with these people... i like to give Stevie B a kick in the a-s-s to get motivation and problem solving done... they really take the excitement out of the development program... such bs and nonsense.

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