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  1. Hi,

    Saw your post about Advent 4211 from about a month back. I downloaded numerous XP ISO's until I found one that accepted the serial key on the sticker. Let me know if you need the ISO.

  2. Hi folks my notebook has crashed during a destructive reload so now i only get a "bootmgr missing" error message at start up. the nice people at PC world want me to pay for a recovery disc as they say i would have been given the option to create one when i fist used the machine 3 years ago. i had mad a usb recovery stick prior to the destructive reboot but that is not working - i downloaded the 35 parts for a USB stick from the mega upload, mentioned in a post from over a year ago on this site, but the files will not unzip due to a corrupted file. i was hoping someone who has either a working USB recovery stick or a full recovery disc would be able to get copies of the files or an ISO Iimage of the disc to me somehow and so have made this popst to ask for help. please get in touch if you can assist me - kind regards - dave
  3. pringlex3

    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    Hi folks hope somebody can help - i have just spent nearly 4 hours downloading the 35 seperate parts from the megaupload site mentioned earlier on (in post 42 i think) and i have tried to unzip it and i get an error message at about 53% saying "! C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\advent usb\ADVENT4211_USB_Whole Key.z21: CRC failed in ADVENT4211_USB_Whole Key.odn. The file is corrupt" so i am now completely stuck - can someone send me the completed odn file so that i can complete the set up of a usb stick alternatively can someone send me the files i need to copy onto the bootable usb stick so that i can sort the machine out - kind regards - dave edwards

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