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  1. Ok, guys i want to say big thx to all of your, im glad that i be with you around 6 months, my racer brokes and i bought optimys one...) big thx to zte racer,it is my first android phone:) but good news are that lg optimus one(p500) had official CM support=) and guys from XDA made CM( Android 4.0.3 on it!!!! OK,thx to everyone,especially RACERBOY!!! BYE_BYE!!!
  2. may be devs who work on ICS look at codeaurora forum?) many libs,souces and etc. u may find there
  3. Finally it happened - CM team released Blade nightly with cm 7.2 and based on Android 4.0.3Racerboy,will u port it to our phone? or problem with kernel still exists?(cursor,radiomodule and etc.)
  4. Best wishes from Russia,Racerboy! Take rest and send one's best to your wife and childrens!!!
  5. Malakia2 i have the same problem on one of previous roms,just do FULL wipe and u wii be OK :)
  6. beatiful and very pretty ROM!!!Want other MIUI ROM coming soon=)
  7. malschenzu is f?!*ng morons!Stole ROM and didnt give thx to author!!!!
  8. 4pda team made alpha version of Android 3.0 GEN1 for ZTE Racer!!! Check it here
  9. Great news from Russia!!! Deadlink and V.P.Zadov working on new kernel for gen2 devices,its based on 2.6.35
  10. unfortunately,i dont see links to 210 on first page...u upload it or no?
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