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  1. I've got a weird issue, when I install a widget from the market it refused to show up in the drawer unless I installed it as a system app. Any idea why?
  2. Is anyone else still getting Wifi issues issues with the 15/04 build? It seems to take forever to turn on and whenever it comes back with it of sleep mode it shows that all the Wifi connections are "out of range".
  3. I'm having a weird issue with Sej's build. Tilal's 7/04 is perfect but when I flash Sej's rom I'm missing most of my apps and I can't seem to install gapps, they just don't appear. This is all with a 210mb partition. Could it possibly be something to do with sd-ext and s2e? Did you change anything about the sd-ext from Tilal's builds Sej? Tried a full wipe as well and no luck.
  4. I had this problem. You need to go into to /data/app (using a rooted explorer like ES) and delete the com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup.apk. It's the remnants of a previous version but stops you being able to install current versions.
  5. It's the same problem with me. The most I got it to work is that at one point completely covering the light sensor would decrease it a little bit however that's no longer working either.
  6. Does anyone else have problems with auto brightness? It doesn't seen to work at all for me, it just stays at the previous manual brightness.
  7. Go for Swedish Snow as it's already got the improved 3d libs included. Also you'll want to install a custom launcher like Launcher Pro to speed things up.
  8. Problems with general apps are unlikely to be down to Konstat's ROM. It might be worth asking elsewhere.
  9. Is it possible to do a version of this with the standard ics battery? Cheers
  10. Thank you Sammi! That's exactly what I was hoping for. That should keep me happy for a while. ;-)
  11. Thank you! I really appreciate the work you're doing, it makes me feel guilty pointing out tiny little issues :-P
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