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  1. I had this problem where flashtool wouldnt recognize my device. best thing to do is do it from another computer and see how that goes. you can always use pc companion to repair the phone and then just re-root it and try and restore your rom. if it was bricked nothing would show on the screen. this has happened to me before. I just re-rooted it and started from fresh.
  2. is anyone having trouble with gps? maybe its just me but it doesnt seem to be working for me. other than that the rom is flying. I had to install superuser from market though because the one on the phone wasnt granting my apps with root permissions. oh also when i plug my phone in to charge switched off it starts up in "flashmode", any way to fix this? other than those two issues I have which are nothing major the rom is excellent, i can even play diversion with no lag!!! something I could never do with stock rom so prooves how brilliant this actually is! Thanks oodie for the excellent rom :-)
  3. ok will do :-) I'm able to boot into the rom but am getting error on the wifi Nevermind sorted it with the file you gave to mad dog. nice one dude :-)
  4. Issues has been solved. it is something to do with windows updates. now time to install oodies rom. I'm really loving this lol.
  5. will give that ago mate thank you. Thank you everyone for your imput. You're all so helpful :-)
  6. Tried so many times with no luck, I've exhausted that option :-(
  7. yea seen a guy that used system restore to sort it, it worked but I turned the system restore feature off which is making me think that it could be a bad windows update. A similar thing happened with my tv card, one day it was working then it just stopped. I knew which windows update effected it but this time I don't know because its been so long. Hence why I will try removing them all. They can always be reinstalled. I will try what you say first though because I don't want to do something to drastic.
  8. Yea always used the same port, only thing I can think of is that a windows update has created a conflict because I've heard of this problem before. I was thinking of removing all windows updates off the computer then retrying.
  9. no look what so ever jp, I have been uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, restarting and nothing. I really cannot afford to reinstall windows. I will keep searching for a fix and as soon as I find one as always I will post on here. I really don't understand it. I found someone else had a similar problem and they had to use system restore but I turned that off ages ago. really cannot understand how something that was working has suddenly stopped working.
  10. is there a way to remove all drivers directly and try to start again?
  11. yea thats what I've been trying but every time I plug phone in in flash mode the computer says "drivers did not install". I can't understand it because it used to work.
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