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  1. GRATZ!!! I ended up going for the dell venue pro got it for half price during a dellswarm
  2. Well I just bought the Dell Venue Pro for £179.51 so that could be an option :)
  3. I'd go for the Monte Carlo seeing as you're an orange customer you should be able to get it for £119.99
  4. For existing Orange customers info in link http://www.hotukdeal...ustomers/993348
  5. Does this support flash? will you be able to watch shows on it n stuff? It's fine if it doesn't was just curious One more thing it said on Gsmarena that it doesn't support Java what does that mean like does it mean it wont be able to play some games?
  6. Kinda like £138 now saw it on Hot UK Deals http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-e900-optimus-7-smartphone-unlocked-windows-phone-7-16gb-flash-5mp-720p-now-15/975468?page=5 Btu yh Prob will wait until skate is released then I'll decide @Atomix Thanks for that prob will get Lg though it looks alot cooler
  7. One more thing guys I know the is off topic but should I buy the Lg Optimus 7 instead of this? They're gonna be at the same price once you have to make the top up for the skate and the LG does have better specs Im thinking of buying a phone for long term use E.g. 2 years + That's why I'm worried the skate will break for me sooner
  8. Will the £139 price be including the top up?
  9. Sorry about the off-topic post earlier. Will there be an unofficial flash on the monte carlo? My little brothers saying that cause it's arm6 it won't work properly and will be really laggy
  10. Anyone know were I can sell my Lg cookie for more then £10?
  11. I really need an upgrade from my cookie so will defin be buying. Curious but do you guys think it will better then the palm pre 2?
  12. I said it seems legit to me there's a difference. It's gonna be releasing soon so we'll just have to wait and see.
  13. http://montecarlophone.co.uk/# It looks pretty legit to me Will you guys be buying this if it's at this price One more thing I can get the Palm Pre 2 for £144 but should I just wait for the monte carlo and buy that instead?
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