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  1. The device came with Corvus installed, bought from a friend. Would this wipe the device? or just look to fix problems? How do I boot into recovery.
  2. As I'm new to all this I am not familliar with all terms, but as I interpret it, my ROM would be Corvus5 ??? I can't actually set anything up on the mail app because it force closes everytime I start my device, and if I try and run it all I get is the same message and a force close.
  3. I have an issue with the email app that despite my best efforts looking through various forums I can not solve, mostly because the usual answer doesn't represent what is seen. Every time I turn on my Advent Vega I get the following message "The application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" The common answer to this is to go to the manage applications settings, select the Email app, and then "clear data/cache" all sounds easy peasy.......however when I do that my "clear data" button is greyed out. As most of the android forums I looked at were referencing other devices I thought I would come here and specifically ask Vega users. Anybody got any ideas? I'm lost!
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