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  1. Hi guys. I havent been around for a long time as I had a few Nexus devices. But I need to do my Blade new. Currently I am on swedish snow, works excellent. Should I install CM11 from zeelog for everyday use? The phone will be given to a person not familiar with Android and he will only use it as a phone, no internet or anything. (Thats why I am keeping the Blade) Is CM11 working better on this 512 Mb RAM device?
  2. Currently there is a 2 GB SD Card in my ZTE Blade, which is too small. I'd like to use a 16 GB. The thing is: I am using apps2SD, because of the little space on the Blade. So there are 2 partitions on the 2 GB card, one for a2sd and one for storing data. The Blade is working perfectely, I don't want to install everything from scratch. Is it wise to clone the 2GB card onto the 16gb with dd and then resize both partitions? Is there a size limit for the a2sd partition? Can the a2sd partition have all sizes (e.g. 987 MB), or just specific ones (e.g. 128 mb, 256 mb ... 1GB)
  3. Hi. Can anybody tell me, is there a flawlessly workind dual SIM adapter (perhaps without cutting the mini sim card ) for the S5 which works with DSC 2.3 and CM7 Roms? (An adapter, please no additional devices)
  4. Is there a way to get into the Engineering Mode when running DSC 1.7 (Android 2.3.3)? Entering the code does nothing and I cant find EMList in the activities list.
  5. Currently I am using DSC 1.5 as in my opinion Custom Roms based on Stock Roms are better than CM7 based Roms. Are there other Custom Roms based on Dells 407?
  6. three questions: 1) Do I need to tweak the script if I want to replace the 4 GB Card with a 4 GB? 2) Is there a speed increase when installing a higher Class card? 3) Which class is the stock card?
  7. Hi. I am getting a Streak 5 soon, can anybody tell me, which is the "best" Custom Rom for it? Regarding stability, performance, battery life.... Thanks in Advance
  8. My Blade was on battery for ~6h today. Battery Usage says: Cell Standby 44% 6h24min Phone Idle 39% 5h40min Display 10% 43min. Full brightness. I was just updating the Calendar Widgets on my Home Screen. Is there a way to reduce the Energy Consumption of Cell Standby? Is there a way to reduce the transmit power?
  9. pray to KonstaT... It works... Thanks :)
  10. I am using an external GPS Reciever with antenna via Bluetooth for Navigation. Unfortunately I don't have a car power supply for the Blade, so I'd like to use Flight Mode to save energy. How can I activate Flight Mode and still have Bluetooth activated? BT is always deactivating. ROM: Swedish Snow RLS7
  11. Just a question: Why part0 and part1? I don't remember a bootanimation which has this...
  12. Did anyone try the app TotalRecall?
  13. Thanks for the answer Are there ICS or JB kernels capable of 2wcr?
  14. Also excellent: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=19846297
  15. Can anybody tell me if this rom is capable of two way recording?

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