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  1. Where you get this info? What CPU ZTE planned to use? Qualcomm stops support for MSM7x27 a long time ago. I think it will be MSM7225A. It has 600...800 MHz ARMv7 core.
  2. What system size you have? I think it's to small.
  3. We can enable MTP mode with new USB drivers in kernel, but where get drivers for this device? Blade hasn't MTP in any other ROM, so no suitable drivers for resulting VEN/DEV pair.
  4. CM10.1 + S2E installed(apps and dalvik cache moved to sd-ext) + CPU frequency 729 MHz = no unexpected reboots. Don't understand what are you talking about.
  5. Look at the first post: Yes, you can build it in release mode, but how to test without logs?
  6. Question is not about encoder used for make your video. What encoder profile used to encode your video? We have hardvare support of Baseline AVC profile only. Its hardware limitation.
  7. Hmm, interesting report. May be something wrong with MAC-address setting/getting mechanism. But I haven't working handsfree...can you send me logcat of all process?
  8. Did you try disable spell check in input settings? It works slow on our devices, and slowdown input.
  9. From new notification panel buttons it switches on/off correct. What buttons you mean?
  10. Does you try enable visibility of device in Bluetooth settings, before try to search it? And yes, Bluetooth may not work without full wipe, because poer on mechanism are changed.
  11. We are first who get HW video decoding working, because I was fix it for Blade first :D Do you read changelog of this ROM? All other devs uses my patch in our roms, and as I know, nobody made any improvements to it...
  12. I was get Bluetooth working :) If anybody can test how it working with handsfree(with or without A2DP, with AVRCP...), keyboards/mouses, bt tethering(dont know, may be it works too), etc - please, write feedback. Download here: http://depositfiles.com/files/wf8kebehb @KonstaT: You can get patch here: https://github.com/androidarmv6/android_device_zte_blade/commit/47cbfcb39e0324c29511eb15d072bfac5f59cc86
  13. H\W+ will never work on our device. Why others doesnt play I dont know. May be KonstaT uses old proprietaries... You can compare libs with my from here: https://github.com/androidarmv6/proprietary_vendor_zte/tree/cm-10.1/blade/proprietary/lib PCM audio dont supported by our extractor. You can enable software audio in MX Player for it.
  14. @elrond_bs, What container you trying to play? What video/audio encoders used to make this video? We have support only simple profile of mpeg4-asp and baseline of avc. Audio need to be encoded to mp3(not AC3!) in avi container, or aac/amr for mp4.
  15. You open videos from browser in MX Player or other, with its own software decoder. peta809 tries to open video in app like "catalog of links to streams" without own decoders, which uses Android's native VideoView for it. Understand differents? Thirdparty players supports all what it wants, but our Android was not :)
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