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  1. tried all the methods above but still failed..it was working fine before this... http://www.modaco.com/topic/348785-problem-with-usb-connection-acer-lmt/ this link shows the method but can't download the android_us.zip file...i think the link has already expired. has anyone have the solution similar to the link for Windows vista? thanks in advance. i really hope you guys can help me....
  2. hi mates~~i am having the same problem now could any teach me the way to repair this problem in windows vista? and i would like to download the file in above post but seems to fail i guess it has already expired Thanks in advance ... which you guys can help me out..
  3. yes i have tried it on other usb ports.... previously all which has no problem before this.. i've also tried the acer driver but it doesn't help as well. And no i don't have in on my masstorage. the moment i plugin the usb... it shows not recognized ...so just wondering if anyone else is having this problem so they can help me but thanks for the advise from all the above post... :) is there a way to root the phone without usb?
  4. before this i don't need and acer usb driver? is it really necessary? cause it works on all pc before this...only recently it stopped working
  5. hi anyone having this problem before? when the micro usb is connected to the pc it is not recognized? the battery can still be charged if plugged in but i can't root or transfer data through it can anyone tell me a solution? Thank you
  6. this is working for me... i using performance 4.3a rom
  7. The rom is great and really fast... but some of the text are in chinese... is there a way to change everything to english? thx...
  8. i swapped the files it works but not completely there is still the countdown sound "tut tut" the files i swapped only disable the shutter sound... is there anyway to remove the countdown sound? eventually after swapping the files..taking picture process seems a bit longer. i am using t&l rom and it seems the third-party apps doesn't seem to have any effect on it.. i tried turning off media and also ringing tone but still have the camera sound need some advise on it..thank you
  9. anyone have any idea to turn off the shutter sound from the camera? thanks
  10. Really nice rom but is there a manual way to remove the camera sound... and how do i activate the vibration on the dialer. when i dial a number i am suppose to get a haptic feedback if i activated it right?
  11. i don't know why it happens but usually i use ADT to flash the bins to the phone. it usually solve the problem
  12. i notice that in the changelog it mention that the camera sound is disabled... but i still have the sound after i installed the rom anyway to disable it manually?
  13. how come i can't see the rom on the official website? edit: found it sorry for the trouble
  14. test boot 5 high voltage works like a charm for me...
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