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  1. Probably they have learn their lesson, the new batch of batteries only have the golden sticker ontop, no sticker below (just blank battery). Measured this battery using app 'battery monitor widget pro' with full charge then drain and recharge. Seem like not all battery is build the same, I have 2 (1st one i tested and confirm NO way better than stock,and lodge a complain & they sent a second battery). Did the same to measure and 2nd one comes around 2000mAH. For me, its like extra battery (don't expect good stuff comes cheaply, if you want a battery that last get mugen, got that and it DOES LAST, only complain is the SIZE of that back cover..... its bulky)
  2. wulfredz

    GPSfix for Galnet MIUI ROM?

    Maybe you want to try this steps and see if it work 1. Install fasterfix (set your ntp to your region) 2. Install getril and check if its compatible 3. With two step above only run the gpsfix mine lock in 1-2 sec
  3. I tried cm7 earlier and it was converted from ext3 to ext4. You can try to convert back to ext3 before you do anything with official LG rom (their's still in ext3, where most custom rom have ext4 & yes its automatically converted for performance)
  4. You're stuck in bootloop is because original is on ext3 and since you're in cm7, must likely you have convert to ext4, i had the same problem earlier, but if you use Paul's back to ext3 follow by factory reset + wipe cache + dalvik's cache then only revert, it should work
  5. Thanks for your feedback Cooled Spirit, I've tried the steps mentioned above and resort to flashing with the mod to remove the clockwork before i sent in for warranty. At the service centre, i told them that my phone is suspected to have non working usb connection, but if plugged to power, it still charges the phone. Since i've revert back the mod (flash to removed clockworkmod), the phone stuck at the boot up screen and cannot boot up, therefore they cant power up the phone to check the usb nor reset the phone with flashing due to faulty usb connection. The technician ended up rectifying the problem usb connection (Thank GOD :D for this) before reflash my phone with the latest update LGE version LGP990-V10e with baseband 1035.21_20110725. and all this takes up 45min - 1hrs (2 thumbs up for their efficiency and friendly service.) Lesson learn --> LG have good hardware and front line service team but CRAPPY in firmware (was hoping for gingerbread to resolve the battery problem) AND they told me i can get spare battery there too (was searching up and down for battery and here they offer original battery) Anyway, thanks for the effort :D Regards Wulfredz
  6. Hi All, I have a question regarding to restocking ROM to stock, i've managed to restock earlier using NVFLASH method and recently i notice that the usb no longer detected on my pc. i tried on other pc and i suspect could be the phone is having fault. In order to claim warranty, i need to restock to original ROM (can't sent in with custom ROM, right :D) & i tried to NVFLASH again but it won't work (don't detect usb). Is there anyway to restock? other then NVFLASH, (clockworks still work, any way to just flash it back to stock? or any stock rom available which i can use clockwork to flash it back before i sent back for warranty?) Thanks Wulfredz

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