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  1. Stop using that script. Use Mounts2SD as its much better and also doesnt cause any random reboots or bootloops ;) Plus its customizable.
  2. Better use mountstoSD Similar to s2e but better ;)
  3. Even though I am now using a Galaxy S,its great to see the development for the Blade still going strong :) Will install this once I get time ;)
  4. Can anyone port the skate build of 4.3? Cause they have got pretty much everything working...
  5. Anyone mind porting this to Blade lol?
  6. AndroidArmV6 devices (i.e Skate,Ace,O1 etc) have started getting 4.3 jenkins experimental builds :(
  7. Konsta can you build a new version with the privacy guard feature? :)

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