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  1. Racerparts.zip does not consistently keep the backlight off in this Rom. Version 0308 did not turn on the backlight. Tethering does not work, neither usb nor wifi. While a third party wifi tether may or may not work, given both native tethers don't work, it would seem something fundamental is amiss. cheers
  2. Racerboy, I really like these 7.2 roms. I've found a couple of things with 0312 : call/end buttons backlight is turned on,usb and wifi tetherng does not work. These roms are a pleasure to use. thanks John
  3. Your SMS messages are held in Titanium Backup item called "[sMS/MMS PREFS] Messaging 2.3.7", but your texts don't appear until you reboot.
  4. I'm busy trying to work out which Rom will run the FireReady app, as it wont run on 257v2, but this app is only useful for bushfire alerts in Victoria, Australia, so I didn't consider it a forum-worthy discussion. I also want to work out which Rom worked for MMS, as I know one of them did (& only one so far), but I can't find which one it was; frustrating. One Rom delivered the MMS content, all the other Roms hold the content on a website for browser retrieval. We certainly have a multitude of great roms to choose from!!!! :rolleyes:
  5. I've just done a clean load of 224v2, the behaviour is the same; the compass usually points west if the phone is held horizontal, otherwise tends to swing with the incline of the phone. Sense 2.2 rom behaves ok, compass points north. GPS is working fine on all Roms, only problem is the compass. cheers
  6. I'm finding mine is 90° out, compass points west instead of north, BUT only if the phone is placed horizontal to the ground. If the phone is tilted, the compass direction swings around, as though it is reacting to the accelerometer.
  7. I've been playing with apps that use the compass function, such as Compass 2.1.1 and Osmand mapping. On many Roms that I've tested on my phone, the compass function does not work in any Rom after 2.2. The stock Rom (2.1) and Equiliym's sense2.2 both give correct compass function. Can anyone confirm that the compass works on their phone, with any Rom after 2.2? thanks
  8. I've reloaded 257 v2 and applied kernal #68 all within CWM with the usual formats & wipes, and there is no problem with USB mount. So the difference is in the installations, the first time I installed 257v2 using Rom Manager, with both wipe options selected (dalvik, and data and cache), and then later I installed kernal #68 with Rom Manager, no wipes selected. So I'll go back and stick to using CWM directly, and only use Rom Manager to do my Rom backups. Thanks for your help
  9. I've also been enjoying 257v2, with the new kernal.:) One issue I encountered today was with mounting SD storage via USB connection. When I press the 'connect SD card' button to mount the SD card on my laptop, the phone reboots. This happens every time. I restored 248 to test it, and the problem does not occur. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? thanks
  10. Installed 251 over the top of 248, working very well. Reinstalled Roboto font, seemed to have a previous font after installing 251. Racerboy, great job again. :)
  11. Andoid 2.3 User Guide says "Sharing your phone’s mobile data connection You can share your phone’s mobile data connection with a single computer via a USB cable: USB tethering. You can also share your phone’s data connection with up to eight devices at once, by turning your phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. (Not all carriers and phones support these features." No mention of tethering to wifi from usb cheers
  12. USB tether to 3G works fine on my phone, 248 is working well in every respect. I've never tried to USB tether to a WIFI connection, didn't think it was possible.
  13. I'm finding the long press end call>screenshot is not doing anything, no popup message, nor is a new screenshot file created. The calendar widget normally displays the next meeting, with the meeting time as the heading. Instead of the heading being the meeting time, it now shows the text "Factory test failed". hope this helps.
  14. 227 is very nice to use overall, has a good feel to it. :) pinch zoom works in browser, and gallery - makes the browser experience much better. The new font is very good. overall a very exciting rom. issues that I have experienced so far: my tracks will not install via TB or from Market (incompatible with ZTE racer) online banking application would not install from TB, Google Markets now says it is incompatible with ZTE Racer, but it is same version I run on 213 rom reboot gives message "incorrect pin code", and a quick flashed box with text saying "you have incorrectly drawn your screen...." ( disappears too fast to see all the text ), but can enter pin ok calendar in day/week/month view shows black screen below date header rom allows auto brightness option, even though racer has no hardware for auto brightness ( eg power control widget has useless compulsory auto setting) thanks
  15. I just ran the APK directly from a file explorer, eg ES File Explorer, this will install it
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