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  1. thanks for all the replies, COuld u give the link where to download the file
  2. I try the SD partition to EX2 AND FAT, but it doesnt found the ext2 in the phone
  3. Thanks, it works. But i have another problem, does it apply the app2SD
  4. Thanks for your reply, i have install the cm7 sucessfully. And could i move the app to sd now? How to do that?
  5. I am new here, How could i flash the cm7 and the google apps Is there any ways i can follow? Thanks
  6. HOW to do that? could you teach it step by step? thanks
  7. I am using the ZTE V9 ROM Android version 2.2 baseband version V9B01 KERNEL VERSION BUILD NUMBER V9-GENERICV1.0.0B06 And i have tried so many tutorial from the web, like divide the SD to ext 2, and fat 32, it doesnt work at all Is there anyone who knows how to apply that, or what rom could achieve that thanks
  8. Could you tell the details , and share it how to app 2 SD, thanks and what is your rom using now?

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