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  1. synescu

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    can you dump your firmware? a lot of users here and on XDA expect this firmware somehow you managed to install a custom recovery? thanks
  2. http://tabletrepublic.com/forum/cortex-a8-allwinner-a10/
  3. install it manually. using a linux distro are many explanations how to do it in this forum as:
  4. hi shorty I tried to download the Chinese room cleaned by you frome mediafire but apparently that's not allowed you seem to have denied access to that file.can you please reactivate it
  5. synescu

    Cyanogen Wifi problem.

    delete in.; system/data/misc/ the bcm_supp.conf file
  6. What do you think? this build is better? I can not login to my google account :o
  7. If you noticed there are two types of folders in zip archive. one for mystorage and one for sdcard
  8. enough to open the file KaFei168M with a text editor and modify 1p2 depends on where you installed. my storage or 0p2 four sd card
  9. yes your friend is right. anyone has finished downloading the torrent?
  10. I just installed it seems to work surprisingly well
  11. what tool is needed to write file.GHO on a memory card?
  12. 悟★CM6B2自用极速版.zip.torrent 悟★CM6B2自用极速版.zip.torrent.zip

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