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  1. What differences are there between CM7.1 "Stable" and CM7.2 RC? I'm on 7.1 right now, it seems O.K. I've not had it long enough to check every nook and cranny yet (I understand there were bugs at one stage with HDMI out, FM Radio and AD2P, not sure if they've been fixed in 7.1 or 7.2).
  2. Man you'll have to show me where to get one of those perfect ROMs from. Sure they're better than stock, but they're a far cry from perfect. I recently had to switch to CM7 because GR6 was just too unstable.
  3. I don't get how that part is so hard for these people. A lot of these issues are obvious after 10 minutes of use, surely they notice these things. Why do the not fix them?
  4. If they say Q3 you know it will be at least the END of Q3 ......
  5. Is there a recommended BB and RIL to go along with this ROM? The one I'm using with GR6 is absolute SHITE!
  6. So after baking another ROM without owain's scripts I'm finding a much more stable system. Just in case anyone was playing along at home!
  7. Hi All, So does anyone else find the LG home launcher to be really slow and buggy in this release? I find almost every time I go back to the home screen it has to re-load itself (or do something that takes as long as it does to reload itself). Not sure if I should just bite the bullet and switch over to a different launcher, I quite like the LG widgets and their app drawer especially though.
  8. I didn't think the Optimus 2x supported Micro SDHC cards, I thought it was only Micro SD. Do these 32 GB Micro SD cards work?
  9. Yup, I'd like to change my display name as well. For some reason it's used my full name as my display name (in fact it never even asked me for a display name when I purchased the Plus thingy). Anyone had any luck with this?
  10. Maybe we should start an online petition for Gingerbread first? In any case I've signed this......
  11. So is there anything I should/can be doing about this? It's been over a week now, I've also opened a support request, but haven't heard anything there, is there no-one other than Paul who can look at this?
  12. Yeah I've tried that now, still the same thing. I can see it listed under the "Client Area", under the "My Purchases" section, but whenever I try to access any of the member only stuff it tells me i'm not a paid member.
  13. Hello, I've paid for a plus membership however I still cannot use the online kitchen, it only say's it is for Premium members only. How do I go about getting this membership added to my account now that I have paid?
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