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    Best keyboard?

    What's the default gingerbread spell checker for the G300? It displays more than just 3 words (in the line above the keyboard) on an endless horizontal scroll. I'd like to be able to use it on Kitkat if possible.
  2. Isn't Skate v2b a 200 MB system? Don't you need a custom TPT?
  3. I don't think you've broken it, I had the same problem and documented it here.
  4. Like several other frustrated people, I experienced the green Android man immediately I attached the usb lead. (Battery was out and phone had been powered down, as per the instructions.) The phone appeared to be repeatedly trying to boot (vibration, green man, black screen, vib etc.) but without the battery, it couldn't. However, pressing Vol- and Home together during this cycling allowed the phone to be recognised by the PC software, resulting in it continuing beyond the < waiting for device > prompt. The contents of the terminal window looked like this: ./install-superboot-linux.sh * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * error: device not found < waiting for device > sending 'boot' (3656 KB)... OKAY writing 'boot'... OKAY rebooting... I disconnected the usb cable, plugged in the battery, and switched on the phone, which booted normally. The "Superuser" app was now listed under Applications. NB This method also worked for installing clockworkmod using linux. It is annoying that there are so many variables causing people problems, with what should a simple procedure, hence the pages and pages of "trial and error" solutions here. For the San Francisco, rooting it using linux was a one line command, similar to the supposedly simple method listed on the first page of this thread. Unfortunately, those instructions are wrong - it can be more complicated that. I suspect that the reason Chris didn't experience auto reboots, is because the USB port he used didn't supply power to the phone (some ports don't). Chris, I think you should update your procedure to cater for those who struggled after following your instructions. And these should somehow be pinned on the first page for linux users, so people don't have to wade through pages of anecdotal experiences. Its even worse for the Windows users - mainly because the instructions rarely identify which operating system the drivers should be used with (winxp or win7), so people install the wrong ones, causing all sorts of problems. Anyway, thanks for helping me root my phone and allow me to install custom ROMs :)
  5. xhtml

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    Tilal, for us newbies, please include details of which ROM needs to be in place before starting this unlock procedure. I'm not clear whether it has to be done from the stock Orange Monte Carlo ROM (2.3.4) or if will work if other ROMs such as Blue Monte (2.3.4), Blue atomic (2.3.5) or Cyanomod (2.3.7?) are already on the phone. And does the flashing process remove the Clockworkmod software or the rooting (superboot?) of the device?
  6. xhtml

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    How long did you wait to apply for the unlock code after buying the MC? Did you buy online or from a shop? How long have you been an Orange customer? (PAYG or contract?)

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