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  1. guys in the rom the windows marketplace is removed but if you want it here Marketplace.cab
  2. I see that no one was posted a replay from a year and i just want to ask is there more work to do on the android for wm or it is a dead end im interested because i never believe it is not possible and how guys do you run this thing on the omnia i am with omnia lite costume rom 6.5.5
  3. i have searched for videos tutorials for that but i didnt find enything usefull plaese someone from the peaople who done it tell me how to flash and install the new WinMo i really want this rom and i waited for it a lot of time
  4. please can someone tell me how exactly to install the new rom becouse i never try installing roms on my omnia lite. Please show me pictures or send me video link how to do it

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