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  1. Didn't know google did that, there not exactly bff`s with the Chinese. Having said that, they almost certainly blab to the nsa and other security services. Boat does have ads served from china though, il wager there's some snooping going on. I really liked firefox but it kept messing up the formatting and loosing bits of the page when pinch zooming which got on my nerves pretty quickly. This was a few months ago so maybe its improved. The minimalist ui is one of the reasons i use naked browser, I cant stand browsers that shove useless functions like social media buttons or `recommended sites` all over the place, taking up space better used for displaying webpages.
  2. I wouldnt trust boat browser, wernt they caught siphoning data to Chinese servers a while back? I use naked browser pro, its designed to be secure and seems to cope with every site i have chucked at it, correctly displaying desktop versions on both my 10.1 tablet and note 2. But yeah, chrome is a bit rubbish, and dolphin is too crashy/snoopy for my liking.
  3. You could try ButtonRemapper http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=850464 , it hasnt been maintained for a while, but might work on your device. You will need root for this and make sure you have a nandroid backup in case it goes titsup and bootloops the phone. There are a few xposed modules that remap hardware keys, have a look here http://www.howtogeek.com/195476/7-things-you-can-do-with-the-xposed-framework-on-a-rooted-android-phone-or-tablet/?PageSpeed=noscript for an idea on what xposed can do, or here http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/xposed-installer-versions-changelog-t2714053 for the xposed framework apk download and more technical info. Again, you need a rooted phone. Oh, and ignore the spammer above, the wares hes peddling wont help you. Hope this helps...
  4. I used to have this problem with a couple of roms back when I still had my blade. Turns out the problem was an incompatibility between certain roms and my router. For some reason the routers dhcp server (bt homehub v2) just couldnt assign an address for the phone automatically. It worked fine with all my other devices and even other roms on the blade. The solution was to give the phone a static i.p. address (under advanced in wifi settings). It worked fine after that, maybe it will fix your problem too.
  5. I spent about half an hour looking for a charger with 4 amp+ output on one port and came up empty. As coolicool above points out, the maximum output on the high powered ones on Amazon etc is 2.4a per port. I imagine anything larger could risk knackering the battery of a standard device and no usb gadget requires that much current to operate anyway. Maybe a bench power supply like the fancy ones used to charge rc equipment could be modified to perform the task.
  6. Sorry, I have no idea what those apps are. Armfreqtest and stresstest sound like some sort of cpu utilitys, but like the Chinese one, they could be anything. Can you disable or uninstall them via the Android ui rather than titanium? I presume inhabilitar means uninstall? If you have a custom recovery and have a full backup of your rom, you could try removing them (after using titanium to back the 3 files up individually just in case), the worst that will happen is you will get a bootloop and have to reflash the rom. Sorry I cant be of more help, maybe someone else here can assist you?
  7. Yup, i second that, pleasing to the eye and pretty accurate. Being free helps as well. For a rain forecast I use aix weather widget https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.veierland.aix which gets its data from various meteorological satellites in near real-time. It seems to be very accurate, more so than accuweather in fact. I also have a soft spot for the official met office app, the ui is really nicely done. And finally, uk weather, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cat.joanpujol.eltemps.android.uk has a metric ton of data from local weather stations, and unlike accuweather, when you put in your location it actually retrieves observations from proper local stations rather than pretending and using the nearest cities data instead. As an example, accuweather gets its data from a station at least 30 miles from my home, uk weather consults a station less than a mile away (and yes, i checked, there is actually one there). That eweather hd app above looks nice, i could well be tempted if i wasnt such a cheapskate lol.
  8. Most tablets will drain whilst being used and charged via usb at the same time. Usb only puts out 500ma (unless you have one of those fancy high powered ones some desktops have now) which isnt enough to power the screen and top up the tablets charge at the same time. Both my Kindle fire hd and samsung galaxy tab 3 loose power if used whilst plugged into a usb port. I would recommend using a more powerful (1.5-2 amps output) usb mains power adapter to charge, rather than your computers usb. It will charge much faster as well. I dont know where you live, but in the uk tescos (a supermarket chain) sell adaptors for about £4 or just use your phones charger if its compatible and puts out a decent amperage. On the 3 hour battery life, how big is the screen on your tablet? 3 hours playing games on a big screen isnt that unusual, but obviously if it drains whilst its just sitting there doing nothing then theres something else going on.
  9. I think you should be able to flash this http://www.modaco.com/topic/360395-devrom2014-06-16-cyanogenmod-10-continuation-of-konstats-work/ with the partition sizes you have, it says you need at least 160mb on the system partition, so you might just scrape through. If you want to change the partition sizes have a read here http://amphoras.co.uk/index.php/downloads/blade-tpts ,then use this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amphoras.tpthelper to repartition. There are a couple of tpt`s on the amporas site that give 180mb on system, which is perfect for ics. According to the documentation, you just run the app, choose a tpt and then It should install and reboot into clockwork mod with the new partition sizes and you can flash an ics rom of your choosing. I think the Gen 1 to Gen 2 v10f tpt looks good. Please bare in mind that i dont have a blade anymore and so cant test or vouch for any of this, it could brick your phone or just not work. It might be worth just installing a different gingerbread rom, the phone runs those great and you dont need to repartition. I seem to recall ics being quite laggy on my old blade (this was a long time ago mind, so things might be better now). Hope this helps...
  10. It seems mr pigfish is pretty old and detects a gen 3 as gen 2 sometimes and thus isnt reliable anymore. Try Blade Checker https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amphoras.bladechecker , its newer and should detect a gen 3 correctly among other things. Note that I dont have a blade anymore and thus cant vouch for the apps accuracy, but most of the reviews on the play store are positive. .Your English is much better than my Czech btw :-)
  11. I honestly dont know for sure. In the gmail accounts folder view there are loads of folders listed like spam,junk-email,personal,travel, work etc., but there's nothing specifically about labels/categories anywhere in the apps settings that i could find. Searching online, I couldn't find any info that confirms or deny`s it either. I suppose you could set up filtering through gmails web interface to direct certain labelled/catagorised emails into the different folders so k9 could then filter and prioritise them. I really only use it as a basic email client so havnt really had to use the advanced functions, maybe someone else in this forum can help. Also, reading the reviews on the play store, there are a lot of people having problems with the latest version. I havnt experienced any myself but its worth bearing in mind. Im sure the devs will fix it quickly though. Maybe tasker+gmail app would be a better solution?
  12. The gmail app is pretty basic, but i have always found it reliable. I did notice that every now and then it crashes in the background and wont receive notifications until its manually restarted again, maybe that's what happened at your friends house. A few ideas.... Have you tried k9mail? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsck.k9 . You can control the sync time down to a single minute if you need to. Its much more flexible and configurable than the gmail app. Tasker https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.dinglisch.android.taskerm could help you. It lets you automate app and phone functions via a ruleset. You could set up a rule to fire a repeating notification sound on email receipt, or even read the email aloud using text to speech. You could also set up a rule to warn you if the network goes down. A rule to poll gmails servers every minute would also help you not miss emails due to the gmail app being forced closed by the os or crashing. If you fancy spending a bit of cash on a new toy, a smartwatch is great for not missing notifications. I have a sony smartwatch 2 and it vibrates and displays the email notification from k9 as soon as it arrives. Of course you need to be in bluetooth range of the phone for it to work and battery life isnt great on most Android wear devices. Some non android wear devices like the sony smartwatch 2, pebble or qualcom toc have good battery life though. Hope this helps.
  13. Try this thread: http://www.modaco.com/topic/360641-rom-404-ics-for-blade-with-256-mb-ram/ Links are still live.
  14. Try this... Go to Settings - All Apps - Media Storage - Disable (if enabled) - Force Close - Enable. If Enabled, then Disable - Force Close and Enable again. Reboot Phone. Or this... 1. Go to settings 2.General 3.Application Manager 4.ALL 5.Click the BOTTOM LEFT button on the phone itself 5.RESET APP PREFERENCES Fixed Copy/pasted from this Android central thread, there are a few more ideas there that might work. Hope this helps....
  15. Peter is right, external storage is the removable sd card and memory card is the internal emulated memory card. So yes, there are 2 storage locations you can use. My galaxy note 2 has the same configuration.
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