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  1. wooly_sammoth


    Evening, Thanks for the understanding. Raceroms is back online. If anyone finds a broken link post it up here and we'll see what can be done to fix it. sammoth
  2. wooly_sammoth


    Morning All, Apologies for the delay in posting this. I'd like to say that the downtime on raceroms was in tribute to Racerboys' Racer kicking the bucket, but I'd be lying. My server was hacked on Friday morning. I don't think it was anything to do with any website in particular, just someone seeing an opportunity and taking it. I noticed it first when all my website files were made read-only, then the OS was corrupted. I take nightly backups to a different location so thought I'd just wipe the server, start again and reload from the backups. I wiped the server and then found that my backups were corrupted (first mistake, note to self: check backups before wiping server). On top of that, there seemed to be a never ending stream of things which meant that the server never really got back to where it was. For example, I ran an OS update which updated my grub version only to find that there is a little documented bug which meant that my specific grub version clashed with the specific grub version being run by my hosting company, meaning that the server wouldn't start after a re-boot. a few hours later, the server gets wiped again and we start again. This plus caring for the baby and working has made the last few days a bit of a headache The good news is that I have an old backup of the site (old = about 2 months). I have also been able to repair most of the corrupted backup file so the ROMs are safe. FTP access should be working now but the site itself will be offline until the evening when I get a chance to check the server config one last time before loading the main backup and making the site live. If you find a ROM which should be there but isn't after I say the site is live, Apologies. I am now taking a lot more precautions re backups so should the same thing happen again, the recovery should be much speedier. I took my time in posting this as I wanted to have at least an estimated time of when the site would be active again. sammoth
  3. wooly_sammoth

    [ROM] ZTE Wanna-be-MIUI-r01.0

    hi blackmux could you try again from the raceroms link. I have re-uploaded the file so it should be ok now. post back here if it's still corrupted and i'll sort something else out
  4. wooly_sammoth


    Blimey, yesterday was busy on raceroms. Equiliym, you've taken the top spot in the most popular ROM list by quite a large lead. It looks like most of the 2471 unique visits came from China but the site is getting linked to from all over the world. I'm just glad the new server stood up to the number of requests it was getting, 10563 hits yesterday alone!
  5. http://www.thinq.co.uk/2011/10/20/google-confirms-android-40-ics-open-source/ Damn it! I'd just got the width of the menu bar on raceroms set correctly and along comes a new version of Android. :P
  6. I can see both sides of this argument. It's nice to have a stable ROM that can be tweaked and played with until it does everything very well. It can also be nice to have a bleeding edge, possibly unstable ROM which you can push to see what it can do. In my opinion it is fantastic that both of these options are available as then I get to pick and choose.
  7. wooly_sammoth


    Thanks everyone for the kind words. All the ROM links should be working again now. If anyone spots anything which isn't working, just give me a poke and I'll get it sorted as soon as I can. One of the many benefits of the new server is that I can install all sorts of stats reporting tools on it. I'll give a few stats here while I figure out a way of making the reports public without giving away too much information which could make the site easy to hack. Since the site has been on the new server (Sunday 16th October) there have been 310 unique visitors to the site who between them downloaded 18.84 GB of ROMs. The majority of the visitors were from Brazil and 88.7% of them added the site to their favourites.
  8. wooly_sammoth


    Doh! more apologies needed. It seems tat several folders of ROMs didn't copy correctly from the old server so some links have been broken (sorry equiliym). Luckily I haven;t told the old hosting copay where to go yet so still have the site as it was. I'm copying the important files now.
  9. Just a quick note to say that raceroms.co.uk is back up and running. On another issue: I've had #224 installed since it was released and it is the best ROM I have used so far. The battery life is really something special.
  10. wooly_sammoth


    Raceroms.co.uk is now back up. Big apologies to anyone who wasn't able to download a ROM over the weekend. My hosting company had a very strange way of dealing with me as a customer which was to suspend my hosting account, but not tell me why. The reason that they gave was that a script or scripts were causing a memory load issue and that I should optimise my scripts. They also claimed that they were unable to tell me which script was causing the issue as their servers weren't set up that way (they're set up wrong then in my opinion). Unfortunately in disabling my account, they also disabled my FTP access so I had no way to get to my files to optimise them. It took them over 48 hours to enable my FTP account despite me sending requests to them every few hours. I have finally managed to get my sites from their server. I found the issue within 20 minutes but I don't want to host anything with a bunch of ass-hats who think it's OK to treat a customer like that. raceroms.co.uk is now hosted on a nice new server from a hosting company with a much better reputation. I also have full root access so I am more in control of the site and will be able to fix any future issues much more quickly. Apologies again for the downtime
  11. wooly_sammoth

    [ROM] ZTE Wanna-be-MIUI-r01.0

    The link will be back up now. Apologies for the down time, I had problems with my hosting company
  12. Really sorry about this but my hosting company has suspended my account again. They say a script is using too much memory but claim that they can't let me know which script it is. I'm in communication with them now to get the sites back online and I am investigating alternative hosts. Either way, raceroms.co.uk is going to be down for a while. Alternative #224 links: #224 With Swap #224 No Swap
  13. .swf is a flash movie file so it looks like your phone is trying to download the video rather than play it with youtube. Do you have youtube installed?
  14. I can't see anything that would cause a download watch this <object height="355" width="425"> <param name="movie" value="http://youtube.com/v/blRpEMtYqos"> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> <embed src="http://youtube.com/v/blRpEMtYqos" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" height="355" width="425"> </object> I also looked at it from my phone and didn't get a file download so I'm stumped I'm afraid. @LordCrash Will the multitouch only work on the camera or will it be available in other apps too such as the browser?
  15. @plegdroid. I've had a look at the page source and can't see anything dodgy. not sure what was downloaded but it seems to be a normal youtube video. @LordCrash. That looks amazing. I really look forward to having a play with it. Good Job.

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