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  1. Chinese language still exits in rom 103. I format sd and make clean install, everything is ok but after a while themes and usb plugin dialog is chinese again? However, I had time to change lockscreen theme before chinese appeared again :P Otherwise everything works as it should :) Its not big issue but anyone had same ?
  2. I format and make clear install, everything is ok but some reboot and chinise language is back again, theme manager etc? Its not major problem but its very nice if this is fixed next version :)
  3. Very strange !? Theme manager is now back to chinese language? After first boot its ok but now isn't, what happend ...And i install another keyboard but its not show in input method choice, only andorid keyboard is there, but that maybe just me, i install that over flashtool, alltime before over market..?
  4. I do not know how it works :) ..never try. But no FC when click on/off and some dirver installation happend in my pc.. Anyway, no bugs in my used functions now, i'm very happy this version. Thanks Trip!
  5. Hi Trip and thanks for the new version! APN is now ok, translates ok etc Thanks!
  6. I was walking yesterday and my phone start playing music in my pocket
  7. wow :) ...thanks man, flashing bb71 and its working again!
  8. I just noticed thatm i have same bug. (change language not help) Trip, is possible make hotfix for that asap?
  9. eh..this is smartphone and smartphone is nothing without dataconnection =D ..so i think you must use this
  10. Yep, when i click "disable equalizer", player freeze and not working anymore.
  11. Call volume fixed! Thanks! Root explorer, FC <-- Seems it was just old version, updated and works perfect ! No other problems yet Cheers!
  12. Thanks for great job! How about in call volume? Working in bb67, how about Baseband (smallband) 2.1.71 ? regards!
  13. Can i found somewhere only SE Gingerbread Kernel or kernel + bb67?
  14. Hi Trip! is this applies to the same thing when i restore contacts, call logs and messages ? I use mobile backup II ? What about that, is this problem in your x10 ? Hi trip i realy appreciate your kind but i have some problem with your newest MiUI GB rom's when i call somebody & i wanna talk to her/him my voice is very very low i have this problem with ver1.2 & 1.5 too but i dont have this problem with another rom , like WB-XPERIA TW v3 (WB rom )
  15. Same problem, some say this maybe resolve different bb but i cant get work that way (allways bootloop)? Any solutions for this? :huh: That reason i am still tripnfroy..

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