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  1. oxyg3n89

    High CPU issue

    latest post good one :) opened my phone, replugged and cleaned prox/light sensor connection and now my phone works perfectly. thanks ;)
  2. oxyg3n89

    High CPU issue

    BLADE is mentioned here. and there are no additional apps installed,ram free 220-250mb
  3. Hi here! i rarely start new topics as google usually helps, but this time i have really strange behavior. Bought phone for cheap second hand and trying to fix now... The phone boots up and everything works but CPU is always 99-100% ! i flashed new TPT, tried latest CM7, other roms...problem is still here. In system info there are processes but none of them shows high usage. The lag is mostly noticeable in scrolling, 5-10 fps in main settings menu some other apps or home screen, keyboard delay a lot too. When quadrant bench is running, it does show very low results in 2D graphics (score 53 only) however CPU gets score 700. looks like adreno graphics broken, could this be? angry birds running well! this blade is real circus as other blade i own works with no issues. Any help ?
  4. oxyg3n89


    The second concern should be no problem at all. loud speaker is worth about 2-3 pounds, this is software limitation as some people stated. :) I think 4 inch portrait mode will be perfect size as for one hand navigation too, 4.3" little too big for that, isn't it ? :)
  5. When OC'ed to 1.4-1.6ghz it runs good like 10years ago on PC.. epic game :)) Sent from my ZTE Skate using Tapatalk
  6. oxyg3n89

    Huawei Ascend G300

    http://www.gsmarena....d_g300-4594.php Do not believe will be 4inch 480x320, sounds like invention for me. arm7 + adreno205 as huawei u8800 may be
  7. it is very simple, there is separate chip plate as seen in photo at the bottom which does contain soldered MIC. You lift that microchip plate up gently, i just used the same screwdriver. Then you notice grey soft material, marked as dust protector in photo, check if it does stay correctly in center (mine was moved a bit to corner,covering the hole and blocking sound to MIC).
  8. oxyg3n89

    Microphone problem - AGAIN

    solved here, happy with my skate! Sent from my ZTE-SKATE using Tapatalk
  9. oxyg3n89

    Touch Screen not working

    hi, just open your phone and check touch screen connection, it has mount slot.nothing to loose as it is not working already.or take it to repair place/ warranty. cheers Sent from my ZTE Skate using Tapatalk
  10. i had low volume microphone problem too. Was very very low, even when using sound voice recorder. This was due rubber dust protector/holder not staying in right place. full phone disassemble not needed, only internal back cover to remove and then lift bottom plate up. if someone have this issue in future it may help.
  11. oxyg3n89

    Microphone problem - AGAIN

    is soldering needed to replace it?have no idea where to get parts too. looks like simillar problem. Sent from my ZTE-SKATE using Tapatalk
  12. oxyg3n89

    annoying noise

    Strange...it does sound like high pitched for me too. Maybe that was even more noticeable when playing flash. It does dissapear after 2 second when music is paused. Repaired a few zte devices before and can confirm all behaved like that , even on different roms (CM7, CM9, stock) with stock,custom earphones. Nothing like that on samsung galaxies or htc phones.
  13. oxyg3n89

    annoying noise

    That is caused by poor audio chip zte uses. Same on all blades and on my skate too. When you use cheap earphones or play music loud no so noticable,but very annoying in quiet environment or quality sensitive headphones. Different rom wont help. I use volume control, got it cheap on ebay. You set higher volume on skate and set lower on volume control. helps to reduce that noise on earphones as you simply dont hear it. But drain battery more. Sent from my ZTE-SKATE using Tapatalk
  14. oxyg3n89

    $60 Blade?

    What about other items ? cases or replacement parts for example ? Prices very low too. http://www.buyonme.com/zte-v880-replacement-full-housing-with-buttons-black-p-82954.html This looks like the same from dealextreme, just for twice less. And the one from dealextreme is not original anyway, but good quality. unless this is second class counterfeit :D
  15. What quadrant score you get with latest build guys?

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