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  1. Hi All, I just bought a phone for my dad in China, since thats where I live and they are cheap here. I ended up choosing a HTC Desire VC (t328d) which are little known outside China and India. The point is that I can't do anything with it now. I'm taking it back for him in 2 months and using it in the meantime but it does not have any google stuff on it which makes it a bit like a shoe without a sole. I'm not new to this and have messed around with phones before. I have rooted it and unlocked the bootloader. I've tried putting Google Apps on it loads of different ways and nothing works. I've tried putting it on by flashing it with CWM; installing the apk files individually; and copying the files over to system/apps folder (and changing permissions). I've tried several different downloads and they all fail with a parsing error. Anyway the point is it has failed and I've almost given up. There are no custom roms for it outside China so I could put a Chinese one on and try it all again, but Chinese people don't use google much so google stuff is not included in the roms. Please can anyone offer advice on what to do with an android phone without google on it? are there any apps that offer similar stuff? where can i get apps from without google play store etc? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just annoyed that the new phone is suddenly pretty useless! Thanks
  2. rbnfrance

    ICS question for SGS2

    Ok, thanks for your help.
  3. rbnfrance

    ICS question for SGS2

    Ok thanks. I'd like to try that, but my current kernel isXXKI3. My other information tells me that I can't just use any cf-root......... Quote: There is a lot of official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware such as KE2, KE7, KE8, KF1, KF2, KF3, KF4, KG1, KG2, KG3, KG6, KH1, KH3, KH4, KI3 and KI4. You cannot simply use anyone of them. So which CF-Root should I use? Find the closest one that matches your Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel version. To check your kernel version ~ go to Settings – About phone. For example, my SGS2 kernel version is [email protected] #2. Look for KF1 first, thenXW. Therefore, XW_OJV_KF1 is the CF-Root that matches my current kernel. Make sure that you download the correct one for your SGS2. How do I get from my current kernel to the XXLPQ one? Do I have to download XX_OXA_KI3, or can i just use XXLPQ one straight away? Thanks again.
  4. rbnfrance

    ICS question for SGS2

    Ok thanks.it was actually you who helped me last time so thanks for that.I see that you have that kernel also.what rom do you use with it or is it your own one? I have a chinese galaxy s2 and you may remember that you can only put some roms on it.I'm hoping that putting a new kernel on it will mean I can use normal roms on it from now on.does that seem a possibility?
  5. Hi, Can someone explain something to me. I want to upgrade my phone to ICS. Is that a Kernel thing or a Rom thing. If I put the latest speedmod kernel on it, is that ICS or have I got it all wrong. My current Kernel version is XXKI3. Can I just go ahead and put Speedmod onto it using Odin or do I have to find a specific version of it? Many Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a chinese version of the Galaxy s2, and they are slightly different to the others found round the world. I want to root the phone in the hope I will get better battery life. Will speedmod (hardcore) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1255790 work on my phone? When I check under the settings, my current kernel is listed as . I want to do this, but just want to check that it won't ruin my phone. Many Thanks
  7. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Solved. Managed to put stock rom on by removing some of the files mentioned in the above posts. I'd like to say a massive thanks to all those who helped, and to the Modaco website in general. All the best, Robin
  8. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Hi, I have managed to overcome a few problems. Firstly I have got clockworkmod working, and it can access my sd card. Second, I put the cognition rom zip file, and successfully installed it. Now the phone just gets stuck in a loop when booting it. Did I need to remove anything out of the file first or should I do something different?
  9. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Thanks. Could I refer you to this thread. Many people are having this problem, but it looks like you might know how to solve it http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1192575 Cheers
  10. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Many many thanks for all the help. I have now found a forum which says that you cannot use normal Roms on a chinese version of the phone. I would like to use your version, but do you know anything about these. We are into the realms of stuff i do not understand! "This Chinese firmware has a different format, i.e. there are no CSC, MODEM and CODE tarballs. Instead there is one single tarbar containing the following files boot.bin, cache.img, factoryfs.img, hidden.img, modem.bin, param.lfs, Sbl.bin, zImage
  11. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Okay, I'm a bit worried now. Flashing the lite'ning rom with odin got to about 99 percent and then failed. Now when I turn it on it shows a red android and says software update failed. Not sure where to go next! Heeeeeellllllpppp. I could try downloading one of these roms through a vpn but last time i tried that it took 30 hours and many attempts! Any Ideas?
  12. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Damn it....No it doesn't. Very annoying not being able to get on to facebook, youtube, etc. I will try this Rom that I have, and see if that works. If not, I'll try to find a website that works here! Thanks for the help.
  13. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Thanks for your help already. Do you know where I can download the official rom (not megaupload)? Quite a few sites are blocked over here as we have the 'great firewall of china'! so this may be difficult. Also, I have just finished downloading the 'lite'ning' rom. can I just flash that through Odin or does it need to be the official Rom. Thanks once again.
  14. rbnfrance

    Reboot Cycle

    Hi, I have my new Galaxy I9100 and was in the process of installing a custom ROM. I now have a few problems. The main problem is that Clockworkmod does not read my sd card, it just says no file found whenever i select a folder, in fact it does not even seem to read the folders as they are all different form my sd card. It seems to be reading something internally. The phone is also stuck in a reboot loop, so I am trying to find a ROM which can be used through ODIN (such as Lite'ning) but I live in china and can't access megaupload which is where you have to download all these things from. Even the stock rom is downloaded from megaupload. Can I get clockworkmod to read my external sdcard? Will installing a custom rom with ODIN solve the boot issue? Does anyone know anywhere I can dowload these things from except megaupload? Many Thanks, Robin
  15. rbnfrance

    Trying to install custom Rom

    Thanks. I managed to work it out and have it installed. I love it. Thanks for making it and for helping me to sort this out. All the best.

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