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  1. When I tried to use the reboot option in the power menu to boot into recovery, the phone would first freeze and then reboot normally into system
  2. Would it be better to have the ICS window animation? I saw it in the kitchen.
  3. I don't really know if the CPU in U880 is better than MTK6573, maybe it is better, what I know is that MTK6573 is better than MSM7227 in performance as some tests show. I think 3G in Spain is the more common WCDMA, which is different from TD-SCDMA. TD-SCDMA is only supported by China Mobile as far as I know. So you can use the 2G(GSM) service with no problem but 3G is incompatible. Rooting and the gingerbread update is possible because there are leaked 2.3.7 roms circulating in some forums in China. I think there will be an official version of gingerbread in the future.
  4. I think you can just wipe dalvik-cache, flash the rom and then flash the zte dialler. I remenber I did it this way and kept everything when I updated from rls2 to rls3
  5. The processor is from Marvell at 800 MHz. It is a TD-SCDMA/GSM phone.
  6. erase input history erase search history erase browsing history erase cache erase cookies erase front page data(cache of front pages) erase saved passwords erase flash cache
  7. Here is the thread you are looking for: http://android.modaco.com/topic/339048-guide-flashing-firmware-to-bladelibra-via-windows/ I think you should have a 215mb system partition if you want to flash the coming CM9 or AOSP ICS with all the gapps included in the system/app folder or a 160mb system partition if you plan to install the gapps for ICS in the data patition.
  8. This ROM is qiute big. Lucky I have a 160mb system partition. Except for the sms widget(FC, maybe a problem with Chinese?), other LG widgits works fine on my blade. It's really nice looking
  9. s4 is quite amazing regarding UI, battery life and performance
  10. I don't know if any one has experienced this:When I set the screen timeout option to 30 seconds, the option will be unchecked in some time,i.e. none of the options are selected(15 seconds, 30 seconds ,1 minute or other options), thus leaving the back light on until I manually press the power button to turn off the screen. I'm currently using RLS4, don't know if RLS5 will solve this.
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