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  1. I think this has something to do with the fact that this doesn't work for people who has installed android on the sd card... I also tried deleting dalvik-cache... but no success
  2. with that kernel my omnia stucks at Android on Omnia II Loading screen. I would post a logcat if there was an output, but with this zImage it seems that no logcat is output Edit: btw, I've got omnia installed on the sd card, not in the internal storage as I suppose you have
  3. Hi there. Since some weeks I'm experiencing some issues with wifi. It disconnects frequently, the ping is quite high(with an average of 80 ms or so from pc to mobile, when the average from pc to pc is 1ms, and also I cannot connect to an AP most of times, even if I reboot). I've tried to make a clean SD autoinstall twice, but the problem doesn't solve. I've also tried to delete wpa_supplicant.conf and some other conf as described in some posts, but without success. I attach a complete logcat(the problem start around line 7397) http://pastebin.com/zTKEid1b then a logcat filtering wpa_supplicant events: http://pastebin.com/SYvM0pZD and a logcat filtering WifiStateTracker: http://pastebin.com/geCqAwP9 any suggestions?
  4. thanks for replying! some questions... is your pc connected wirelessly to the router or with cable? do you have any security protocol?(which) and do you know with channel is your router configured on?
  5. could someone do a ping -t (windows) or ping(linux) to your device ip and post the average time of response and the percentage of packets lost? As for me, I have an average of 94 ms which seems to be quite high and a loss percentage of 11%(most of them, around 85% of it when the screen is off).
  6. if only you had gone through the pinned post "Tutorials and problems when using Android on Omnia (updated: 12.01.2012)" you would have found the solution quite fast.
  7. you were right, I had to unplug the usb when it comes to iptables modules compilation, it fails because of several errors I will have a look at when I've got time
  8. @ipaq3870 by the way, your services.jar makes my phone freeze on Android on Omnia II Loading... screen(with original zImage), i would post a logcat If it worked with this file.
  9. hmmm do you mean in menuconfig? i thought modules were compiled independently from kernel
  10. Just out of curiosity, has anyone compiled iptables binaries? I enabled iptables in kernel but I still need the modules I think
  11. are we supposed to be able to listen to FM Radio when screen is off? Am I the only one who can't listen to it in this situation?
  12. As someone said in previous posts, dsp manager shows up properly, but it does not affect the output sound.
  13. Come on... it's been asked thousands of times at least go through this list of problems I made so that people like you didn't ask questions like that -.-
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