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  1. kfcisntchicken

    Modern Combat 3 htc desire S

    when i try to play modern combat 3 online it works alright but when i leave after a game and go back to the lobby ive been reset back to rank 1 can someone please tell me how to fix this
  2. kfcisntchicken


    oh such a shame................ Maybe you can buy a NEW phone because you bricked it you git
  3. kfcisntchicken

    anyone tried a high capacity battery??

    they are very high capacity.............they work extremely well.................all though likely to explode and blow your head off................hope this helps.........................
  4. kfcisntchicken

    LG Optimus battery drain

    Hi all i have a problem with my gt540 which means that when i have charged it the battery level will slowly deacrease for about 3 hrs then in the 4th hr will drop rapidly to 15%. my phone has all bat saving options turned on so thats not it and the wifi is always off as is the gps and the brightness is down but even if i turn it off at 15% it will not turn on it will just come up with the lg logo and then go black. Saying that when the phone is connected to a charger performs faultlessly and does not do anything it shouldnt. The phone is about a year old and i was wondering whether the battery might be the issue. If you guys could resolve this it would be much apprieciated. Thank you -kfcisntchicken --------------EDIT---------------- This phone is running official 2.1 software and no cyanogen mods have been installed.
  5. kfcisntchicken

    1click app2sd now includes 1 click root

    hi i did it but when i look on the phone nothing shows up how can i find the app2sd
  6. kfcisntchicken


    Hey im a nooooob and i need help putting custom rom onto my LGGT540. can someone explain how to make it so i can put apps to my sd card anyway i dont care how just not partitioning sd card and can you explain reeeeeally simply........much apprieciated...........:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. f12 does zilch but cud u sent me links to the drivers plz. i am determined.
  8. i have reinstalled all drivers and yes it makes notification noise its the newest version of vista...................................
  9. HI, I am running windows vista on my pc and when i get to the stage where you install the gingerbread it opens up the CMD window and and just keeps on waiting for device for hours. when i plug the phone in in fastboot mode the pc says hang on a sec you dont have the right software and says insert the disk that came with your device but i dont and never have had it.................plz help im befuddled and confiddled :blink:

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