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  1. Ah, okay, so when I selected the google SMS then I lost that got to bake again... thanks
  2. I have lost the SMS app I previously was using when I upgraded my BB and installed the Gr5 - and I would like to get it back :rolleyes: Does anyone recognize this?
  3. I'm a newbee so clearly don't mistake me for an expert :lol: I first flashed the big one, thought that was it and then upgraded the BB and RIL to 823, then found that nothing was really working stable, then saw that I should also flash the three smaller files as well - did that and everything worked again :P text phone gps wifi BT etc.thumps up. I noticed that the phone was rebooting after each flash - so it's important to stay alert at depress the vol down button during boot. :blink: Would also like to add, that I tried this new release in the first posting - that didn't go well - there seems to be some conflicts between the 823 BB / RIL stuff and the new ROM. applications crashing and I couldn't hardly reboot into recovery since the sdcard didn¨t mount and I couldn't manually mount it. So finally I took out the battery when rebooting into recovery just the sec before it started booting - then finally it did mount the sdcard so I could revert to GR4. I probably did something wrong :o
  4. Regarding BB 823, it is important to flash all four otherwise O2X will not work properly - or at least mine didn't. After flashing the remaing 3 fls's then I started receiving text messages which has been "lost" for 3-4 days.... Will do the ROM update later this evening when I'm more sure about the BB823 :) But what is the difference between the two ROM's Paul has put here, I'm not familiar with "deodexe" thingy, sounds like something you put under your arms.
  5. Perhaps this works - use at own risk :) PS. You'll need the "largest" file. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w1nccp2w7ka7658/baseband%20823.rar
  6. Hi I have just upgraded from Gr2 to Gr3 which went just fine, I just wondering if there are something else I should/could/would upgrade. Thinking about the baseband - but I'm not sure about the gains, I only know I'll need to wipe my device. I'm also not sure about then ext3 or ext4 thingy what is that and why/not should I upgrade. :rolleyes:
  7. @LilHermit BBA now works on My P990, I installed en new ROM Gr3 very nice. Now I'll play around with it.
  8. BTW: Should the log be set to debug or something else that verbose?
  9. I have installed aLogcat but didn't get any output when that filter was avtive, so I have send the complete log by mail, hope it's usefull. :huh:
  10. No I don't see any errors, at least not any "popups" that tells that the app has crashed. It also works fine when opening the setup program from programs. Yes, the screen off when I test, I simply put it on the table and call it, then hang up w/o answering and wait for it to switch off - nothing happens. Same thing for SMS's.
  11. Hello I have just installed and registred this app on my P990 but for some reason it dosent seem to work, did I miss something? I don't see LED indications on neither SMS nor Missed calls, the app is tick enabled and everything is set default. I'm running Pauls kitchen version 2.3.4 (Gr2 Alpha V20A) and BB 0622 - that should be okay right? I'm not at "superuser" in fact I don't know much about the OS - I just follow Pauls's recipe when installing ROM etc. B)
  12. I would guess, when he's ready and feels confident that it's stable enough. You should shout like that.:rolleyes:
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