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    Sony Xperia Tipo,LG L3 E400
  1. madprofessorus

    Print an offline page

    Hello there, I have store a webpage for online reading on my device, a Sony Xperia tipo with custom 4.1.2 Rom, I stored it on stock browser. I want to print it on my printer, but I can't find the way to do it,anyone can help?
  2. madprofessorus

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    I see,the problem is that super one click actually is like freezing,it doesnt do anything even if i let it run for many minutes
  3. madprofessorus

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    You mean running both programs parallel? I did this,on the end the root tool gave me a message saying root complete,but I dont think it worked,I will try it again,I will send you a snapshot
  4. madprofessorus

    LG E400 rooting, same method as LG Spectrum

    It's the greek version,I get an error saying link failed,permission denied,I get two reboots but the root doesnt work
  5. madprofessorus

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    yes,I have installed the latest driver from LG
  6. madprofessorus

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    yes,I wait for about 10 minutes and more,but nothing happens
  7. madprofessorus

    LG E400 not possible to Root?

    Can you please give me a tip for this? I have the V10m firmware ,I have tried many programs,including the 1.7 version of superone click with no success so far
  8. madprofessorus

    LG E400 rooting, same method as LG Spectrum

    Big apologies,V10m I meant,I got it about two weeks ago,maybe its a new one
  9. madprofessorus

    LG E400 rooting, same method as LG Spectrum

    I have tried a couple of methods,including this one,noone worked so far for me,my device has the latest firmware on V11,is there any new method?
  10. Hello to all,I am looking for drivers for the Zte Racer II,I looked over the web,but so far didn't find a working one,I even dowloaded drivers from ZTE site,with no success too,if anyone could help me on this I would appreciate it.
  11. madprofessorus

    [ROM] By RexChun 2.3.4 Radio Fix

    I installed the 2nd version,although the calibration was very good,I couldn't find a proper gapps package,so I had to remove it,I think it would be nice if someone had the time and patience to gather all roms and compatible gapps package in one place,so it will be easier for all to find and install those roms.
  12. A proud owner of a couple of times modivated Racer,from a small village from SouthWest Greece
  13. Hi again,although I had said to myself that I won't change the Rom in my phone anymore,I had installed the 224v2 last time,I couldn't stand the temptation to try your newest rom...well,I can say it was worth it,i really liked the new interface,and it seems to me it's more faster than the others,I think u overcame yourself again!
  14. well I wasn't aware of this,so when I did the partitioning of course my SD got cleaned as new...I was lucky I didnt had any files in it that I couldnt replace...so far I see an improvement to my racer,it's faster,I will try some app for the swapping,since I am not much familiar yet with terminal emulator or adb commands...by the way,is there any guide for that stuff? I am interested in learning...
  15. hi again,just tonight I learned what the swap is all about,so i gave my racer a little boost with 512mb of my sd...lets see how it goes

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