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  1. the juggernaut

    HTC to release "BoomBass" speaker accessory

    Lets face it it is a HTC product so it will be expensive as is the way with these things
  2. the juggernaut

    HTC announce One and One Mini in Vivid Blue

    a case of the blues then i see :P
  3. the juggernaut

    Is there a future for 10" Android tablets?

    i think the future is in the 7" market to be brutally honest they are more portable and in all respects there is not an amazing difference between the two sizes for example i could watch youtube videos on my nexus 7 for many hours and move to my friends tf300 and not notice all that much difference, but it all boils down to portability like how i can carry my nexus 7 in my greatcoat pocket with no trouble at all
  4. the juggernaut

    Nexus 4 price dropped to £159 and £199

    i would have one of these but i have just spent my last £200 on a new graphics card for college. anyone want to gift me one :P
  5. the juggernaut

    HTC announces the HTC One mini

    i could consider this as an upgrade from my S2 (still going strong), but this will only be doable for me is it has either lots of internal storage (which it doesn't) or an micro SD card slot which judging by the amount of internal storage seems very likely. looks good though and if i do go with this i shall be going silver.
  6. the juggernaut

    HTC: No Sense 5 / Android 4.2.2 updates for the One S

    what do you mean 'maybe' more updates, it is a nexus device you are going to get many updates as they come out
  7. the juggernaut

    Vowney V5 Review

    any chance of development? could be a good backup if so.
  8. the juggernaut

    HTC: No Sense 5 / Android 4.2.2 updates for the One S

    i have a one s as a backup, and i never liked sense anyhow , thew dev community will keep it alive for those that use custom roms, those who do not are stuffed. i am guessing it is so they can make more money
  9. the juggernaut

    So who needs a Phablet anyway?

    im tempted to go from the S2 to the note 1 as it is usable easily,pocketable and the fact that i think my S2 is letting go anyhow
  10. the juggernaut

    Bargain Watch: Refurbished Nexus 7 16GB available for £119

    might have to look at this
  11. the juggernaut

    Asus Fonepad Review

    great review Paul. i shall wait to see if we can get root&roms before i buy one.very good
  12. the juggernaut

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    you could take a N7 case and cut a few holes in the right places and then it will fit but then you have the original ones for the N7 it will get quite annoying after a while i would have thought
  13. the juggernaut

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    have you found any way to unlock the bootloader? and if so will development be slower than usual due to the intel chip?
  14. the juggernaut

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    the power and vol buttons are on the opposite side so i don't think that would work.
  15. the juggernaut

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    review please :D

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