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  1. I still use Swedish Snow, which is the best ROM for Blade. I used it during my last 3 weeks trip in Cuba. Without any problem for recording my GPS tracks.
  2. If your phone is Gen1 (mod Gen2) or Gen 2, try to recover using a TPT method.
  3. I use this ROM with my headset and my car kit [both Plantronics] without any problem.
  4. It's always possible to switch back to a ROM, if you did a backup of your system, this feature is included in all recoveries.
  5. marcosinus

    [Poll] What ROM do you like BEST?

    A ROM derivated from stock (LP4.1 or Fusion X), to have every thing working well.
  6. I experienced the same trouble with LP4.1, that's why I switched to Fusion X .... Now, I have voice in both my bluetooth headset and car speaker.
  7. I have flashed this update, then the mod I found in a post of this forum, and now I have NFC activated on my G510.
  8. With this ROM, the status bar doesn't appear neither on my G510.
  9. Try to remove DSP Manager (for example, rename '/system/app/DSPManager.apk' to '/system/app/DSPManager.old' using ES File Explorer in root access mode). It solved Bluetooth issue on my Blade.
  10. KonstaT said exactly the opposite in post #3121 ! He also said he doesn't see much reason for anyone to use CM10 instead of CM10.1 (may be except ramdom reboots ...).
  11. I confirm RR using JB 4.2.1 ROM. Log is available for analysis.
  12. Bluetooth works for me (Plantronics headset and PC).

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