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  1. Have done a reset several times now and this program usually dies after about 9 days does anyone know of a fix or removal/replacement with a better programme? am still on factory settings at the moment
  2. Eventually got my pulse back from T-mobile turns out it had a faulty screen been on holiday as well hence the time lapse only taken a short while for the weather widget to die again though over than that ok facebook app seems ok as does ebuddy so just how to remove the faulty weather widget?
  3. Bought this at the knock down 20 quid offer price initial probs with deliver from the idiots at uk mail,ended up a 20 mile round trip to pick it up from their depot :-( but still a good bit of kit once i ran into probs (weather widget and messenger software) a web search brought me here and to be a fair this is a well informed site unfortunately my phone died last week and had to be sent back but however i did get info here on how to reset to factory and where to get the files and how to use them so this post is quite simply a big thankyou to all the helpful people here and hopefully will get my pulse back soon Many thnx
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