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    Transferring to pc

    Thanks for the reply unnilennium. It looks like file transfer works OK but I still can't see photos in their default folders. If I move them to another folder can see them using the file transfer option. The photo transfer option doesn't show anything in Dolphin or Windows Explorer.
  2. Cruxy

    Transferring to pc

    Is there a method to transfer files/photos to a pc without installing HiSuite? HiSuite is fine for my home pc, but I don't want install it at work or on any other pcs. Also, is there an alternative method for connecting to Linux? Specifically Linux Mint 17.2 KDE I've followed the instructions on the phone (installing mtpfs) and can see the phone folders on the pc but can't see any files inside the folders. This is all a complete pain in comparison to my previous phones.
  3. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    I've been using it for almost 2 weeks and it's running great!
  4. I chose etotalk because they accepted paypal. I bought a ZTE V970 at the beginning of the month, no complaints so far.
  5. I'm less likely to review anything now.
  6. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    I'm interested in buying a gel cover. Can anyone confirm if accessories for the U970 will fit the V970?
  7. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    Mine came pre-rooted but you can find rooting & custom ROM instructions here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1856578
  8. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    So far,so good. It's an upgrade from my Blade, so the screen is bigger and the phone generally is smoother & faster (which is as I'd expect). I haven't noticed any problems with the battery, I can get >1.5 days out of a full charge, but I'm mostly surfing or checking twitter whle traveling to & from work. I'm using the etotalk ROM at the moment but plan to move over to Bruno's ROM @ xda eventually. I'm a bit disappointed that this seems to be th only option for a custom ROM (definitely different from the Blade). JB would be nice, but I won't hold my breath waiting on it.
  9. I ordered a ZTE V970 from etotalk. Placed the order on Friday night (2nd Nov), it shipped on Monday and was delivered to Belgium on Wednesday (7th Nov). I've been hit for a further €25 by customs but all in all I pretty happy with the phone.
  10. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    It's arrived!! 3 days from China to Belgium, fantastic! Now to try and do some work.
  11. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    Mine shipped at midday today. I can't wait to start messing with it!
  12. Cruxy

    ZTE V970 Review

    @jimac Has it arrived? How long did it take? I ordered mine from etotalk yesterday.
  13. I'm a ZTE Blade user and I really want to upgrade to the G2 but I'm put off by the lack of a modding community (I've been a bit spoiled for choice with the devs on the Blade). Do you know if ROMs for the ZTE V970 could work with the G2? (Both use the MT6577 and have 1GB of RAM.)
  14. Cruxy

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Does anyone know if there are any custom ROMs for the Jiayu G2 or G2S?
  15. Cruxy

    Win a HTC One X

    What do we tweet?
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