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  1. i can confirm the wi-fi hotspot dropout issue is resolved after factory reset.
  2. I can definitely confirm the hotspot issue. I've got an Android head unit in my car and the hotspot keeps dropping after 10 to 15 minutes (didn't time it exactly). Spent hours researching a workaround. There used to be an advanced tethering option in old android versions, but seems to have been deprecated in MM. Also, don't know if this is a bug with VSU6 or a MM bug. Some people say it's to do with Android Doze, but can't confirm this either. My working workaround at the moment is using the app Automate, and running some flows that keeps turning the hotspot back on every time it switches off. Annoying but better than nothing.
  3. As stated earlier, you cannot flash this over any custom Rom, rooted device or custom recovery. You need to revert everything to stick to get the update.
  4. It's actually done using Santa's naughty list. You get it depending on whether you've been naughty or nice. I know why I've not gotten it yet...😀
  5. It's obvious, this is a region based update and we have to be patient for it to reach our shores. Nothing yet here in the UK
  6. Just hope we actually get the update. 64 bit, hd voice, quick charge, all that are extras
  7. [emoji2] Happy days are here again! Marshmallow is better than nothing at all. I've resisted upgrading my phone since the VSU6 meets all my requirements. I even reverted to unrooted and it's been reliable so far. Hopefully they release it soon. Thanks for the heads up...
  8. Well, it's a matter of choice really. I myself, am still using my su6, knowing fully well there is no chance of seeing update on it. I won't advice anyone getting it now though, with the amount of pain it's put me through.
  9. So many info on modaco and xda about rooting su6. Read thru and you will find your answers. Search for my name and you should find a guide I wrote about it. Seriously though, time to ditch the su6 and go for the su7 since there is no more update for su6
  10. Thanks for all the work done on this ROM. Glad to be able to use Cyanmod ROM on VSU6. Previously using Gypsy v4 and v5. A 'bug' I've noticed (i think someone's mentioned it before) is with Whatsapp notification/delivery. I am getting WhatSapp messages/calls coming hours after they've been sent, meaning that I lose calls get delayed messages. There is some lag in Facebook also, but I can live with that. Overall, great ROM.
  11. Hold vol up and power buttons for 30 seconds or more. It should boot up after.
  12. Mine works too. Just saying don't expect any development for this phone
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