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  1. Yeh, got one of these on saturday, rather dissapointed. Cant run cab files directly to upgrade .net doesnt seem to remember the time when switched off. sound - video quality - lets not go there.... it is a very cut down version of windows CE. but - if you are a developer looking for a cheap ce machine - it does run programs developed in compact.net 2 -built in to machine (i suspect not upgradable) - will load your android phone as a memory drive and edit your word /excel equivelent docs with a keyboard and mouse. I'm planning on using mine for data collection which is now possible as well as keyboard and mouse for editing the phone files. Also uses full size SD cards up to 16GB - despite low quality does have some potential. as the device is windows CE it may run windows mobile 5, 6 software but you may have problems getting most stuff to run....
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