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  1. superdjou

    Galnet ICS build

    Yes, you can do it! But I advise you to restore only the app whenever possible. Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  2. superdjou

    Galnet ICS build

    Sorry, posted in wrong forum Sent from my X10 using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah! I agree with you. I'm using Oodie's ROM without any problem, including wifi re-connection. Trip DID a good job but for now he is doing a good job in your new HTC. So, thank you and goodbye, Trip. Or maybe see you later in HTC's forum, if I purchase a Sensation. Probably not.
  4. Oodie, you, Doomlord and Luke are the guys! This ROM is amazing! You three, together, made the best ROM ever I seen. Finally the wifi connects automatically with or without static IP. Deep sleep in 80% in normal use (smartass v2 mode) and none fc! Thank you guys, so much.
  5. Yes I did. I used the version 5a. I'll try the 4 one.
  6. Me either, but my kernel is Luke's kernel because my wifi did not work with doomlord's kernel. Always it shows me an "error" message. BTW, this set is the best. In time, i use the Oodie' ROM that it is based on Luke's ROM.
  7. superdjou

    Where to go from here?

    Good! Then you can use your stock ROM based and port MIUI. I have not tried your ROM so I said about wolfbreak, sorry.
  8. superdjou

    Where to go from here?

    Kinglion, just use a 2.3.3 ROM based, like Wolfbreak (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1192988), and port a MIUI ROM. If you get success, you will make the community to be more happy a little bit because the Wolfbreak's ROM works fine everything, including re-connecting wifi, not data drop and wifi tethering. I hope you can.
  9. I installed CM7 that uses GB 2.3.5 and data reconnect didn't work. In other words, the problem is GB 2.3.5, not MIUI. Why nobody port using GB 2.3.3?
  10. I am tired too! I don't understand how there is many MIUI ROM and none works fine completely. And many are based on Wolfbreak. But the Wolfbreak's ROM works fine everything.
  11. Unfortunately this doesn't fix the automatic wifi connection.
  12. I think exactly like you. And no, I don't know make my own ROM, before anyone say it. And yes, I respect and I value the work of all developers, before anyone says otherwise.
  13. I did this but didn't work. My connection doesn't drop, simply if I am connected on 3G and I get in WiFi zone my connection continues on 3G, it doesn't switch to WiFi. And vice versa.
  14. superdjou

    [ROM] X10 Erenz MIUI 1.9.2

    Dear Erenz, Congratulations on your initiative! The community thanks! Do not forget to provide your PayPal account in order to make donations.
  15. Barnacle doesn't work but this app https://market.android.com/details?id=android.tether&feature=search_result works so good! Try it on and be happy! BTW, do anyone know why the stock tethering doesn't work?

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