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  1. He left the forum long back. vamshistunner said he made perfect calibrated kernel and he will upload in 2 days also he made new 2.6.35 kernel. we may get some good kernels this year.
  2. Hi, I've notices some graphical bug in #251. In Setting ->Application->Running services by clicking on any service shows up annoying image on top. You may suggest me to go for #257 But i feel #251 is better in battery and overall. Is there any way i can fix by replacing some file from #257 or other ?
  3. @deadlink In your TODO list there is tslib. Our stock roms are built using tslib. But rexchun rom has no tslib and only using pointercal he did the thing and it has even better calibration than stock rom. so it would be better to do it at kernel. I dont know what it means. This was told by my friend to tell you.
  4. lol yes, Just restart my phone after watching your post . Now its gone. @deadlink when will next beta be released?
  5. maybe, but this 2.2 lasts longer regarding battery than others.
  6. http://raceroms.co.uk/index.php/extras/category/6-kernels?download=48%3Avamshi-kernel First put touch_to_key from other racerboy rom to this one and install the zip. it worked fine
  7. okay thanks, I am using 2.2 rather than 2.3 because it has got stock audio quality, calibration, even bluethooth works fine sending files. Complete Rom.
  8. Thank you for the nice ROM. I have just installed and noticed two annoying icons overlapping middle and right side buttons( Phone and other app) . Please tell me how can i remove them? I have installed 2.2-r3 rom.
  9. I found something strange about screen on/off animation. By default it was not working even after reboot. I put vamshistunners kernel by wiping boot and it worked like a charm. What could be the reason? I am on Gen1.
  10. # df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on tmpfs 81.4M 32.0K 81.3M 0% /dev tmpfs 81.4M 0 81.4M 0% /mnt/asec tmpfs 81.4M 0 81.4M 0% /mnt/obb /dev/block/mtdblock4 150.0M 123.7M 26.3M 82% /system /dev/block/mtdblock5 295.9M 38.2M 257.7M 13% /data /dev/block/mtdblock3 12.5M 1.2M 11.3M 9% /cache 150+295.9+12.5+81.4= 539.8 MB how can i get 539 if its 512 ? My partition size is different than yours. Can i increase /system partition by deducting /data as i need more system apps on /system.
  11. Yeah. just read :) What if we use blade method for our racer?(i know that they mentioned " not for other mobiles") Will phone be hard bricked?
  12. Unlock 512 MB ROM possible? Here is a spec that shows 512 MB ROM. http://mtsredenergy.com/livewire-techspecs.html Can we do it somehow using TPT method?
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