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  1. This build should have SkateParts patched back in. http://jenkins.androidarmv6.org/job/android-experimental/118/ Don't worry - there'll be an alternative to CM soon enough :P
  2. Device settings was removed from the settings apk. I'll see if I can patch it back in.
  3. Wait a minute. How is ril working for you? I'm really confused now.
  4. It works decently TBH. The latest build at least (15/08). However, RIL seems to crash continuously. No idea how to even start fixing the crashes.
  5. That's OK. I think I've found and fixed it. I:ll be releasing a new version today with that and a few more fixes as well
  6. Just a heads up since people here have been wondering where I've been at. I probably shouldn't be posting this in a thread of it's own but it doesn't really fit in anywhere else. - as I say join #testingircandroid to ask me anything :P
  7. I'll be posting 0.7.0 very soon so keep an eye out for that if you interested :P It's up! Also feel free to join #testingircandroid and pinging me to ask me anything :P
  8. Hey all - this is cross posted from XDA since I've been using both forums for ages I thought I'd post it here since I know quite a few people here well and I know they don't venture onto XDA very often. I'll be on both threads so feel free to ping in either place :) The XDA thread is at http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2306025
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