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  1. Thanks vNa5h. I'm new to this script, i've looked into the thread from xda and in the instructions it says:

    Download the latest build of CyanogenMod 10.
    Download the latest version of CronMod IN2EXT+ (i've attached the zip)
    Open CyanogenMod 10 zip.
    Navigate to /system/etc/init.d
    Open INT2EXT+ zip.
    Navigate to /system/etc/init.d
    Add the file called 40int2ext in the /system/etc/init.d directory in CM10 zip.

    Can i do this by unrar > copy the file to the folder > rar it again? Or it has to be by another methods?

  2. Well, the timing is most probably gonna be when the phone receives the message from your service provider and not when the service provider received the message that needed to be forwarded to you.

    I don't think what you're saing is possible until and unless there was some way of the phone communicating with the service provider or if the service provider itself had this kind of facility.

    Next time, if this happens to me, I'll surely let you know what timing it shows in my phone, although my phone is hardly ever off :)

    i asked that because if i use a phone, a old one for example without android, and i receive a sms while turned off when i turn it on the message details appears as the time the person sent me and not the time the phone is turned on

    First of all, I presume you use the ROM's Messaging App.

    So, try this:

    Go to the Messaging Settings, and almost at the end of the list you have a "Original Timestamps". Enable it.

    This should retrieve the sent hour/date instead of the received hour/date from the SMS.

    thanks! gonna try that in the next times :)

    para a próxima faço a pergunta em Português :D

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  3. hey guys, i've a question here:

    let's say that i run out of battery in the morning when going to work and later when i come home and plug the phone to the charger (aswell turning it on) and meanwhile someone texted me during that day (at 3pm for example) as the phone turns on the messages appears as it was received in that minute, not in the 3 pm...

    isn't there a fix for this? sorry for my english btw

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