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  1. Well it looks like android 4.0 is gone and there is not much chance for us to get a working ics rom. If only i was a developer (sigh)
  2. Just a kernal question but you know how deadlink kernal has dual touch is it like capacitive or something else?
  3. I dont know if this is neccesary to post but the usb host kernal for me has the best sensitivity
  4. Could you explain what each of them actually do so that we know what they are
  5. This has probably been answered already but Zte said that they will relase skate with a ghz procceser. Is it true or just Zte trying to please customers
  6. It looks to be that Zte phones beside racer have alredy got a daily use ics rom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://android.modaco.com/topic/348745-ics-cyanogenmod-9-nightlies-for-zte-skate-almost-fully-working-updated-1712/
  7. Do this open up theme chooser switch to cyanagenmod then back to system.
  8. Can someone tell me the best rom to play games and videos on
  9. I found this GREAT site. http://x10miniclub.blogspot.com/
  10. Basically There is a site called github.com which is a social coding website. What you have to do is to ask someone who has made a recovery for your device the source on a github repository Then take its link and send it to koush's profile. Github: https://github.com/ Koush's profile: https://github.com/koush This is what one looks like https://github.com/kman1234/android_device_zte_mooncake
  11. Adb push a keyboard apk right and also is your phone a developer one as there is developer id and all in racer ics alpha zip?
  12. Just to let people know to get it officially supported by rom manager you must get the recovery source from github and send it to koush as a message and he will do the rest. How i know because i was the one who got Zte racer supported on rom manager and uploaded a few roms to it. I hope it helps
  13. Is it known that the keyboard is messed and too big for the screen
  14. This might help http://www.android.com/about/ice-cream-sandwich/
  15. Is there some program or something to compile decompile etc?
  16. Deadlink How did you change/add settings to the rom was it kernal or the rom
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