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  1. NO FUTHER UPDATED, SWITCHED FROM BLADE TO HTC HD2 with android running... SO THIS IS GOODBYE GUYS ADMIN: can you lock this please? I will not be in modaco anymore :)
  2. this exactly version on this exactly ROM tested without any errors etc... I have never faced problem with version to be in bad resolution, so no idea why you are running this for half screen, SORRY :)
  3. assasins creed was tested as another user, just added into first post, but under "working by PHENOM"
  4. was on co-pilot for more than 2 hours without any issue.... worked excelent, but on p3+2, co-pilot version
  5. yeah, have autorefresh on your download page :-D Im from czech rep. I didnt use download manager
  6. depends... I want everything that is new :-D but I was very unhappy with generic n179, I was on GSF before, but with new kernel and patches... Im finally happy with CM7 and staying with this for longer, the differences and feel of the system is thousand times better with newest "rom" :)
  7. nope, working here.... and spoked with my 3 co-workers whos using this version and they dont have problems
  8. added as working - Crazy Fist
  9. im sure it is shutdown.. must manually start phone :-P
  10. facebook notification gives me shutdown.... nice... it vibrate and then its turned off... workaround - uninstalling facebook :-D installing friendcaster as alternative.. EDIT: it happens only sometimes...
  11. gr8, adding.. thanks for info!
  12. no, this is specially 3d games, as 2d games dont have much limitation, but thanks :)
  13. gr8, thanks, downloading, flashing.... :) finally more things in my mother language (czech) :D
  14. list from file P020110915355574647611.zip http://www.2i.cz/5ef50d27f4 only APK files, games etc...

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