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  1. No it's not possible with the original launcher, try to use "Nova launcher" or "Apex launcher" ;-)
  2. @KonstaT when android JB 4.1 on our ZTE Blade ? ;-D
  3. Ok I'll wait... We must enable somethings for control the cursor xith the volume botton ? Because it isn't working for me...
  4. Very good thing ! Could we hope to see the center clock option in the next build ?
  5. Your work is amazing and I like this ! Just one thing is missing for me: center clock option ;-)
  6. Your welcome ! The MOD of lvbubi is on my french topic. I made a zip with only the MOD so it's compatible with all of the rom :-)
  7. Here you are ;-) It is verry good! I'll put it in the 1st post ;-) Yes take this version ;-) MD5:800c6d633aa4752a92a63f813a53172e
  8. Sorry but I never succeeded. Even after several different test. If someone could help me ...
  9. Me too :-O In the settings and on the launcher also. I made a little "MOD" for this rom. Characteristic: The network is always blue (I dont like the grey ^^) The Bugdroid for the USB connection is different. Thes icons of the toogles are different too. Screenshots: Links: MD5:a03c86e483d136d42c5387ca441f9e63

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