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  1. dont get scared by the terminology ... i have a pov mobii and its impossible to brick the thing (i have flashed it with EVERY rom available for it, more than once unsuccessfull; booting to black) ... just get a GOOD (there is an entire thread here where one guy thought he bricked it and it was actually a bad cable) USB Cable and download the original firmware (POV or Vega makes no difference whatsoever) and follow the instructions to flash it. POV is a bit different then vega, you just need to hold back for 2 seconds and while holding it press the power button There is a PDF on the POV support website (looks like a windows explorer) with great instructions on how to flash the firmware shameless plug: if it really is broken, pm me i would be willing to buy it, my screen is broken and i am on the lookout for a broken device to replace the glass...
  2. the way im feeling right now it sounds really tempting :)
  3. omg ... i was prepared for steep, but that is insane ... then maybe its better to start looking for a new tab... is there anything better out there or should i just buy the same ...
  4. What bothers me is the "throwaway society" syndrome... the tablet itself is working perfectly, cpu, memory, display, even touch works ...
  5. ... mine just dropped the tablet and cracked the glass. I've searched and sifted through modaco and xdev, but it seems there is no replacement ... anyone got any new info on the mysterious digitiser and possible compatible replacement ? anyone got broken vega with working digitiser ?
  6. lg optimus 2x is going to get ics soon ... so i hope we can rip some native tegra 2 libraries from it ....
  7. I installed VC 9n update 3 and bluetooth works as host (with ps3 controller), i didnt test discoverable functionality... installation was simple, modded stock, vc 9n, update 3 with delete cache between, i did not do anything special ... you have to disable wifi if you want to use bt though.. otherwise it drops the connection randomly (and often).... range is also a problem, my pov has a really shitty bt module, if you are not within 1m of the device, it gets slow or does not work... it helps when i turn the upper side (with buttons and rotation lock) towards the bt device (thats probably where the antena is) ...
  8. happened to me too... several times ... but hc is so beautifull and fast that im ignoring the small problems
  9. nelles


    The results are indeed unpredictable... I have one MKV that stutters when played with HW decoding but plays smoothly with SW decoding. And its 720p. (I use MX Player and am happy with it)
  10. Cyberlords Arcology Short but fun, reminds of old amiga games but with touch screen https://market.andro...e=search_result
  11. i can confirm that ps3 controller works over Bluetooth, but it is advisable to turn off wifi. I'm using this app: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.dancingpixelstudios.sixaxiscontroller&feature=search_result Snesoid works great, i connected the tab to tv with hdmi and enjoy retro gaming with wireless controller ... The only problem is the range, after 1,5-2 meters it gets flakey, 3 meters are a no-go ...
  12. nelles

    ADB on VC 9nU3

    thanks newbe it worked ... still no profit, but i can push and pull ... if any1 runs into the same problem: this worked before: [Google.NTx86] ;NVIDIA Tegra %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7000 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7100&MI_01 adding these lines to google adb driver, installed the one device without problems... this does not work any more, now there are three devices registered when I connect the tablet (POV Mobii. but I guess the Vega too) and the MI_01 is now a CDC Serial device which is not the ADB device. What you need to add to google driver instead is [Google.NTx86] ;NVIDIA Tegra %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7000 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7100&MI_03 And install the driver when it asks for Shuttle(give him the path to the driver for all 3 devices, he will find the apropriate one) ... MI_03 is the ID of the Shuttle device which is the correct ADB interface. And remember if you have ADB Problems, USBDeview is your best friend ... Now call me curious, but does anyone know what the CDC Serial (MI_01) and MTP (MI_00) are ?
  13. I've managed to install ADB drivers on two computers so far and it all worked like a charm. Now on another computer XP SP3 i get three devices: Shuttle and MTP could not be installed - no drivers found Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface - installed and working, but "adb devices" does not show my tablet is it my computer or has something changed in the Vegacomb 9nU3
  14. I think when I experimented with the BT, i found out that on the new kernel (HC3.2b5) its sdhci-tegra.0, but the net directory was not there
  15. after extensive testing i can only say perfect work guys!! i haven't found any bugs whatsoever (besides the already mentioned ones)
  16. red button behaviour in spare parts can not be changed
  17. bluetooth does not work :( i was kinda used to playing games with the sixaxis
  18. is it gonna use the kernel from beta 44 ?
  19. spoke too soon... even when i hold it in my lap i still get disconnects from the controller... i can press the ps button and it reconnects, but its kinda annoying when it happens in the middle of a game .... i still can't say when and why exactly it happens ... i just played rtype for 2 hours without a single glitch ... (and found another problem, but not with the app - although the bluez range is limited, the battery life suffers greatly - and never leave it in sleep mode with blue on)
  20. just bought the app, works great with snesoid ... spent the morning playing rtype with my sixaxis and mobii connected to the tv over hdmi ... no need to go to the garage and dust off snes :) i got the same problem with sleeping; in my case it was caused by the distance to the tablet ... mobiis bluetooth is extremely limited, i'm sitting some 3-4 meters from the tv and it looses signal, goes to sleep or just plain stops working. it helped when i turned the tablet so that the upper buttons (power lock back) face me. i think its transmitter is there somewhere. so I extended the hdmi cable and put it some 2 meters from me and it works perfectly. had no problems holding it in my lap and playing on the tablet alone the onscreen virtual keyboard is nice, but can not be compared to the real controller. when i installed snesoid, first thing i tried on the virtual keyboard was rtype, and it sucked big time.
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