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  1. Okay, so I finally got all of this working and now the Vega does everything I wanted it to when I purchased it. Very happy with the device. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped me in this thread! I'm not the most tech-savvy so your patience is very much appreciated!
  2. Cheers, I've not upgraded to SP1 yet but will tomorrow. I got a bit sidetracked with other things tonight. Is there a way I can stream live sports onto the Advent Vega? I just tried as I was planning on streaming Summerslam tonight (sad I know) but it comes up just random letters and numbers in the space on the page where the video is embedded. Is the problem that I don't have an advanced enough flash player? Is this even possible on the Advent Vega? If so, how?
  3. Mate, you are an absolute legend. Just tried this and it worked really well after I got to grips with Vega Tools. It's working nicely, very nicely in fact. The only issue I'm having is that I want to put SP1 on but the Recovery app has disappeared when I installed Corvus onto the tablet. It's possible it's just not on the homescreen. Where can I find it? Do I go back through Vega Tools?
  4. I was just downloading it and then going into software tool > software update and then hitting the "Corvus5.zip" icon in there and it was installing. Like I say, it seemed to work quite well, just had no Wifi. How do I "clear the cache partition,wipe the data/factory reset and in advanced wipe the dalvik cache"? Also, I don't really get the part I've made in bold in your above post. Should I do this before I reinstall Corvus? Anyway, off to the gym just now but planning on attempting this tonight...
  5. Okay, so I am back to factory settings. Thanks for everyone's help. It took a while but I got there in the end. Now, so if I reinstall the Corvus ROM I had running before it's less likely to wipe out my Wifi this time? Right?
  6. You are a FINE man!!!! It's entering NvFlash Recovery mode now. Will update with what's happening...
  7. No I don't have the stock rom reinstalled. This is my issue. My situation has not changed from when I installed this Corvus 5 ROM that does pretty much what I need it to but has wiped out my Wifi. I just get "error" when I try and enter my Wifi details and I can't do anything else. I'm looking at the screen now and it is the Corvus ROM. Not the stock one I want to get my device back to so I can reinstall the Corvus Rom and get my Wifi back! When I try and restore it sticks at the DOS screen that loads up and says there's no USB attached when it clearly is! Even when I switch it on, the USB icon is at the top of the screen and it offers me the chance to "turn on USB storage". When I switch it off and try and restore it, DOS says there's no USB installed!!
  8. Okay thanks, I updated the USB driver. I'm following the guide at http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/full_system_flash_instructions.pdf, I have no idea what YAUDIG or AUDI are lol. I am at the stage where a DOS window appears but it just says "USB Device not found, please press enter" even though the device is hooked up via. USB. When I press enter, the DOS window disappears and I'm back where I was.
  9. In Device Manager there is no APX option or a yellow triangle. The only ones I see related to the Vega are under "portable devices" it says "Tegra 2" and under "imaging devices" it says "Vega USB 2.0 Camera". Nothing whatsoever saying APX.
  10. Sorry, I have real difficulty understanding what's being asked of me. Flash the rom? I don't get it. I figure I need to restore the device to factory settings and then reinstall the Corvus rom from scratch. However, when I try to do this by holding power for 6 seconds, back for 2 seconds etc in line with the instructions here http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/full_system_flash_instructions.pdf Windows prompts me for the driver but does not give me the chance to actually direct them to where it is (a folder called Vega on my desktop). It just searches and then says it's failed as I have no APX disk or whatever. This is truly infuriating!
  11. Forget that mate, figured it out re: the USB driver. Works well with Moboplayer! This is great! Now just need to fix my Wifi as it just comes up "error" and can't get online. I'm assuming there's an easy fix for this. Then it's just flash player and I am sorted!
  12. Okay well I just installed that ROM and it looks nice but I can't get wifi. When I go to "networks" it just says "error" and I can't access anything. Also, how do I get USB host mode? In the instructions it says "Press power button, once display get power (you will see the diference), press back button and hold until finish booting." I don't really understand what this means? Help! Or I'll just opt for the Modaco Rom.
  13. Hey everyone, I purchased an Advent Vega today from Currys and am really happy with it so far: looks great, handles well etc etc. However, I really want to make the device a USB Host so my girlfriend and I can plug in our external hard drive and watch movies off it when we're away. Also, I'd like a Flash player that could potentially stream live sports. The one I'm using right now doesn't seem to be able to. I used the guide at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=931337 to install Android marketplace but this isn't thorough enough for me to be able to manipulate the USB settings etc. Do I need to reboot the device to factory settings if I want to install the Modaco R8 pack or can I just do it over this one? I am completely new to all of this and to be honest find the whole idea of going into command line etc quite intimidating. I really don't want to end up paying £200 for a device I brick on opening weekend! How easy is this to do for someone who is really not PC literate?
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