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  1. For some reason im running into this: Finally i had a good homescreen with widgets an shortcuts etc etc. so now and often most dissappear and some widgets are saying: problem loading widget. And then i have to put all things on my homescreen again.. so start all over, thats really annoying when you need certain things the rest of beta 2 works flawlessly but im still thinking to switch to another phone within few months
  2. just go on through the rest of the install it works when u get that error;)
  3. ok managed to install it this way manually, only the swap isnt working, do i have to edit the fstab file again? thats easy for me.. i've done that 2100021435 times. or is it something else? because i read something about loadmod or something?
  4. I know how to install it. only thing i need is the startup.txt the startup.txt that is with the automatic installer is missing some lines i had in the previous beta. I still have that one, but what do i have to add to this? Set kernel zImage Set ramsize 180*1024*1024 Set mtype 1626 Set ramaddr 0x50000000 Set kernelcrc 1 Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p6 init=/init console=ttySAC2,115200 vmalloc=256M" setbitp 0x7F008808 5 1 pfw 0x7f005800 4 0x3 pfw 0x7f005804 4 0x805 pfw 0x7f005808 4 0x7 pfw 0x7f00580c 4 0x0 pfw 0x7f005828 4 0x11 pfw 0x7f00582c 4 0x80 boot that is my startup.txt, what does it need more? please respond fast coz i cant even boot droid anymore, somehow it just hangs again on the loading screen (cm1)
  5. dunno if im the onlyone. but i cant charge my phone when android is running?? i have this problem after the patch and is there a solution for it? (ye i know one.. just shutdown your phone... but thats too much work)
  6. omg... i installed CM on internal storage. worked flawless. only my sd card didnt work. so i cant take any pictures. i changed the thing in init.rc to the right one that gardakkan said. then run haret.exe: Android does not boot. hangs on loading screen. when i change init.rc back IT DOES THE VERY SAME THING?!??!?? can please someone help me? or do i have to reinstall everything and all my apps again ?
  7. same here EDIT: nvm i think its working now:D read a few posts back of me, there i explained it.. i made a mistake.. i thought i putted the good mmcblkxpx in but i didnt :D
  8. i did exactly what the manuals say, make partitions. change fstab to 1p7, (i left init rc what it was) untar ext4.tar.gz to ext4 partition copy haret.exe , zimage , startup.txt to fat32 partition in startup.txt paste this: Set kernel zImage Set ramsize 180*1024*1024 Set mtype 1626 Set ramaddr 0x50000000 Set kernelcrc 1 Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p6 init=/init console=ttySAC2,115200 vmalloc=256M" setbitp 0x7F008808 5 1 pfw 0x7f005800 4 0x3 pfw 0x7f005804 4 0x805 pfw 0x7f005808 4 0x7 pfw 0x7f00580c 4 0x0 pfw 0x7f005828 4 0x11 pfw 0x7f00582c 4 0x80 boot and then unmount omnia 2 and run haret.exe. when i do this i get to the android on omnia 2 is loading screen. it stays there for infinite of time.. it just hangs there AGAIN! how do i fix this? thanks in advance.. EDIT: my partitions are setup like this: 1p5 = fat32, 1p6 = ext4, 1p7 = swap. but stil dont work
  9. ok i think i know how to install now: just make the right partitions and untar the ext4.tar.gz to the ext4 partition and copy the haret.exe o2beta folder etc to the fat32 partition and then boot haret. am i right? only thing im missing is the half of startup.txt i dont have a line where i can change the mmcblk0p6 (what my ext4 partition is) can someone give me a good startup.txt with the memory (new line) in it? it would be much appreciated.
  10. i think that it is not possible in windows. but when u have ubuntu or similar. instal gparted. then delete all partitions and create a extended one. then create 1 fat 32 partition a ext4 and a swap (that worked for the previous beta's) 'nother question. I did exactly this but when i do androidinstall (i try to install on internal storage) and rename the the file (sd_ms.blabla.gz to sd.blabla.gz) then it does not install. it says that it cant mount the sdcard? lol im not even try to install it on the sdcard?
  11. can u put something extra in? it would be really handy if there was more info from the battery where the percentage is in, if u get what i mean
  12. touching the screen wont help. if i just leave the fstab untouched what would happen? because when i execute those commands. sudo touch fstab thing it does not say anithing. i just get new line. is that correct? wil wil try again with 1p2. EDIT: btw i didnt use the vi command. i just open the files using ubuntu and then change the lines cuz the vi command does not work properly and i see half of the lines in the file.. i think that is not wrong? EDIT2: i waited over a minute now and touched the screen but still it says "loading" (now startup is with 1p2) (and yes i have sdcard in my device) EDIT3: maybe vold.fstab is wrong? i checked the partitions and it has to be 1p2 because its the second partition..
  13. should it be mmcblk0p2 or 1p2? since the ext4 partition is the second one? its now loading for already 20 mins btw.. so not right extra info i have the partitions like this: 1. fat32 6gb 2. ext4 around 1.2gb 3. linux-swap around 250mb note: ALL SET AS PRIMARY!
  14. ok finally the manual install on page 94 works i think.. i did everything EXACTLY as it supposed to be: make the partitions. untar the ext4.tar.gz copy the haret.exe etc to the sdcard partition changed the things in voldfstab and did the commands with the fstab. now it says when booting: Android on Omnia II loading... how long does this supposed to take? hope someone can reply asap:) EDIT: its now already for 10 mins on the bootscreen... thats not normal i think XD?
  15. ok now, when im using the auto installer i get this (error?) first it says that there is no ext4 nor linux-swap.. thats right so it creates it then it says: welcome to android install blabla.. install can taka a while (yes i know..) then: creating block devices... block devices created. creating other devices... linking mtab to /proc/mounts mounting internal storage(mystorage) partition: /dev/mmcblk1p5 internal storage mounted. checking external sd card partitions checking fat32 partition number FAT32: /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 checking ext4 partition number. EXT$: /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 checking swap partition. no swap partition. will be created. Info, you may need to update /etc/fstab FAT32partion new sise -136 --- (WTF?!?) Checkign partition /dev/block/mmcpblk0p5... dosfsck 3.0.9 (date) dosfsck 3.0.9, date, FAT32, LFM open: no such device or adress Error: partition does not exist. parted: invalid option -- 1, 3, 6 (all in seperate line) usage :parted [-hlmsv] [DEVICE [COMMAND [PARAMETERS]]...] creating ext4 and swap partitions. ext4 partition size: 1gb parted: invalid option, 1,3,6 (seperate line as before) usage: parted [-hlmsv] [DEVICE [COMMAND [PARAMETERS]]...] tune2fs: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/block/mmcblk0p Could not find valid filesystem superblock. e2fsck: no such file or dir while trying to open /dev/block/mmcblk0p SWAP partition size: 128 MB END? thats the message im getting. what to do about this?
  16. YES I ALREADY KNOW THAT.. AND WHY USE CAPSLOCK? btw, only thing im asking for is how to format the sdcard?
  17. the autoinstall does not work for me.. i get the error end? and can do anything but get my battery out and restart.. i formatted the sd to fat32? or is that wrong? there is nothing that says how you have to format your sd card.. i first tried the installation that mikemurphy said. i get this: cant thingy EXT4 on sd partition.. and it aks for a random file in haret.exe why is that changed?? i cant boot it :S EDIT: i will try your method now but how do i format the sdcard? i mean what partition thing? fat32 ext4 etc?
  18. i wil try it again today.. but when install it on SD card it makes an ext3 partition but it has to be ext4 right? why is that wrong?? oh when i took out my sd to copy it and it didnt work. then i put it back and when i run haret.exe it ask for a txt file and everything is wrong?!? thats not normal i think. EDIT: i think i know what mistake i made.. i putted the files on de sdcard but they need to be on mystorage according to the manual..</div><div>but when i try to run it it fives an error and says end? and cant do anything. whats wrong with that? i just do this: put files on my storage, go to o2beta folder and hit androidinstall.exe ?!?
  19. i tried this.. NO SUCCES! when i just copy the partitions to the unallocated space and then reboot my phone.. there are no files.. so its useless xD or did i miss something?? when i go to file explorer there is no my storage?? and it asks for format...
  20. does someone know this? if its possible i really need my phone working properly again for tommorow....
  21. Hi again.. Many thanks for the devs for their good work! but im hitting to this problem.. I re formatted my device so like this: (and set all as primary) 1. Fat32 of 6 gb 2. ext4 of 1.5 gb (or something like that..) 3. linux-swap. that al worked out fine.. at least.. i can do that in windows but ubuntu whines about the second partion.. it just stops with a random error:S then i come to the untar part. i do this: cd to dir where the ext4 file is> terminal> sudo tar zxvf ext4.tar.gz -C /media/system it seems that it is working BUT then i come to the file: xbin, it just hangs there and a minute later i get this: cannot mkdir: Read only Filesystem, and cannot create symlink to ./busybox: no such file or directory what do i do about this? i already claimed the rights of the "system" filesystem using this: sudo chown -R usrname:usrname /media/system or do i need chmod or something for that :S? please help me out cuz im stuck with my windows again EDIT: i tried it again now without the chown command but with the chmod and now it hangs at: system/media/ why am i always the person that has this kind of problems when it works fine at everybody else? what i also noticed was: it unmounts itself after it hangs.. so i have to start all over again with formatting :S
  22. i wish it was faster, because launchers like go launcher dont work properly because its too slow:( and even with a widget that displays time/date and weather eats performance.. and then im running launcherpro. but all we can do is wait now i think
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