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  1. at first.. please read your post again and fix the you english because its unreadable... but yes you have to run haret.exe everytime if u reboot your device if u want to go to android. and u dont know how to send a message? when u go in contacts list > click on contact and then u have 2 options.. and u guess what there is a message button!
  2. in the terminal emulator.. but i already changed the file using ubuntu:) but it stil does not work XD it keeps connecting and disconnecting and when it is connected is disconnects immidately and goes through that cycle again.. and is there a way to change the place where the camera saves the pictures? cuz its asking for sdcard oh btw, why is it that when i put my device on it responds after a few seconds? thats really anoying..
  3. OMG, what do i do when i cant put in any numbers?!? they just dont work WTF?
  4. i managed to install android on the mystorage:) so im happy, but im running on these things: Camera says there is no SDcard (but there is one in..) is there someway to set different DCIM location or something? sometimes my screen does not go on if i click on the "on" button? (and thats really annoying) When there is call incoming the screen stays black for few secs ? that was a common problem right? already any solutions? oh and still wifi is somewhat "broken" that u have to put always a static ip and subnet etc, and i cant connect to a network that requires username + password
  5. i tried that but it says: no such file in directory, where do i have to put the ext4.tar.gz file? oh i fixed it.. i think. but now it copies most of the stuff to the ext4 partition. but it doesnt copy/untars all things... how do i fix that oh wait: now i get all kind of errors: Read-only filesystem (why that stupid error again >.<) and it just suddenly unmounts itself when giving the error... (and deletes all files again ofc) EDIT: i tried it again using root in terminal. and still the same error, it just hangs on some point
  6. that still does not fix my problem. this doesnt either. now my ubuntu even crashes when copying the files. it hangs on like 40 mb of 170 and then CRASH , in virtualbox it just freezes and on my laptop with ubuntu on it i get some random code and cant do anything does someone know how i can brutally/force to copy to the filesystem without anything that whines?
  7. how did you guys do the manual install? when i try to copy the ext4.tar.gz to the ext4 filesystem on mystorage it always says: permission denied. it just stops copying at 40mb or something. i already claimed the rights of all stuff (i think). but some files have an arrow to it that it is "somewhere" else, and some with a cross at the icon. what do i do about this?!? oh btw, i'm using ubuntu 11.04
  8. maybe someone knows... i still have trouble with mounting and extracting all files on the ext4 partition. what i do is: mount the omnia 2 on mass storage mode on my laptop using ubuntu live cd. format the ext4 ptition, next step: i type this in terminal: sudo passwd root (set too random something..) then i do su - and logon onto root, next i do: cd /media (thats where the ext4 partition is) and then do this: sudo chmod -R 777 ./STORAGE (wich is the name of the partition and dunno why..) then i just put the extracted files of the ext4.tar.gz on the filesystem BUT (heres where the trouble starts...) i cant put any data on it, it still says permission denied... what do i do about this? i also tried ext2fsd but dont work, tried on a mac but those things dont understand the filesystem... please help asap.. now im stuck again with wm 6.5
  9. i already got it.. but thanks anyway for the description of those mmcblkxpx files! the only thing i need to do is copy the ext4.tar.gz file (and extract) to the ext4 partition. I cant get it on it because i dont have permissions. ill try it tomorrow on a friends mac or ubuntu pc maybe that helps
  10. omg... why is everyone saying 1000 things? in every someone says something whole different when installing froyo on the mystorage... so what is the good one? i think the one of radie works.. but why ext2 partition? when ext4 is faster? and why everyone has different thoughts about the startup.txt? the one says mmcblk0p5 and when i look in other topic it is mmcblk1 or even mmcblk0p7 EDIT: my god.. its getting stranger and stranger. now, what i did: i have (according to minitool partion wizard) one partition of 1 gig as ext4 (named SDCARD) and the rest is FAT32 partion. but somehow in the file manager of windows it says that there is only one partition and the mystorage grew to 8.3 gig and the "hidden" partition is shrinked to 200mb (or something..) i didnt do that?? and now windows does not see the mystorage anymore (yes i used: mount as mass storage device) so how do i solve this? EDIT2: LOL i restarted my device and now even the file explorer does not see the mystorage anymore XD what do i do? please help ASAP! EDIT3: i got it right somehow now... i made ext4 partition of 1 gig and a fat32 ptition of 6.3 gig . i only need to put the files on the ext4 partition but i cant mount it in windows (geei) so im downloading ubuntu 10.04lts and try it in live cd:)
  11. yes i now know how to edit that keyboard file. im willing to install android again so that EVERYTHING! (even the camera..) works. but what happens with windows when i format the mystorage? it keeps working right? (without the programs) and how do i do that? because minitool partion wizard does not see the mystorage. Do i have to do this in ubuntu live cd? EDIT: i got my phone in mass storage mode now and i can format it.. but how do i have to do this? just make primary ext4 of 1/2 gb and the rest as logical fat32? then just make the storage card as logical fat32 and then camera can see it? with the install i just do the same?(copy the files to my storage fat32 partition and run the androidinstall.exe?) please respond asap so i can use my phone again (when using windows it just sucks) EDIT2: btw, what is the "other" partition on the omnia 2? its 512mb precisely.. thats the windows partition right? so i must NOT format that? EDIT3: i found in the manual install of froyo (in the readme) this: 4. In startup.txt change this entry: root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 to Your android partition. Note: mmcblk0 is now SD card, mmcblk1 is My Storage. is the mmcblk1 correct? or is mmcblk0p2 correct? or do i have to use mmcblk0p5 (according to first post)? the startup.txt on the mystorage is now mmcblk0p6 (hidden partion) btw.
  12. @Hadesword, thats what i did when installing android.. i made primary fat32 partition of 4 gb.. i did nothing to the mystorage but it was already fat32 format (according to windows) and then i put the automatic installer on the mystorage and ran the installer. I read in other topic that installing on my storage is for better performance.. maybe i should reinstall android then.. how do u do this? seriously im getting sick and tired of this lol. but i want android on my phone so i keep going EDIT: i think i know how i install this then... but how do i make a ext4 partition on my storage in windows? it looks like i cant do that... and i think i have to use the manual installer then? and change the startup.txt?
  13. ok meby the skin is a concern for later.. but how can i solve the problem of the camara that cant find the sd card? (and why it just dont save photo's on the my storage xD?) EDIT: btw i found the keymapping thing.. it isnt the file u said but it is this: system\usr\keylayout\qwerty.kl file. and can i change this using the root explorer? or is it better to use the adb? (if i get that working..)
  14. ok, i tried with the simcard of my dad and 3g works for me:) so im getting an 3g network sim this week. the only thing that is bothering me: Is it possible to change the hardware keys so that they have other functions? oh meby not the only thing.. is it common that the battery does not charge beyond 90%? i charged it all night but when i switched on the screen i saw just 90%... and now the last thing: how can i change the top bar? i want it to be black... i found that topic with the manual but when i put the o2bupdate.tar.gz in the my storage, nothings changed
  15. all is working now. I formatted my whole 4gb sd card to fat32 and installed android and worked right away. Your solution (or whateva it is) in editing the init.rc, will this solve the: sd card not mounted (or sd card not found) in the camera app? if this isnt.. its useless to do this because it already works another thing: Its common that everyone has the "wifi sleep" bug, (i have it too...) but is there a way to fix this? (maybe editing something else in the init.rc?) EDIT: i opened the init.rc using notepad but all the lines u have given me... i cant find them:( is this the wrong init.rc? (i got it from the ext4.tar.gz file..) EDIT1: oh i that was the wrong one.. i found it now.. but how do i put this in the root map of android using windows? is that even possible? (i now use a copy of the init.rc in the root folder)
  16. i think i solved the wifi problem.. <br>but what rests now is: I can't import contacts from my SIM card.. (this didnt work anymore when i reinstalled froyo)<br>so my main concern are my contacts.. otherwise its just useless<img src="http://www.modaco.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif"> <div><br></div><div><br></div><div>EDIT: finally.. dunno how i did it but contact are in:D the market works also so im happi again<img src="http://www.modaco.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif" alt=":lol:" class="bbc_emoticon"></div>
  17. yes i am considering windows - ubuntu dualboot cuz windows just sucks and it takes to long to boot etc... and all my school stuff works on ubuntu.. but i dont have time to set it now.. meby in the holidays:) the wifi problems and things dont bother me atm.. the only thing is: when i try to reinstall froyo it says that my sd is not found or something... xD why it worked for for the first time and not now? i set the same partitions etc! but i think the only way to edit the init.rc is in ubuntu right?
  18. the init.rc file on the root folder? or the init.rc in the ext4.tar.gz ? (im using windows so that last file is not an option...) i think the market error has something to do with that i dont have wifi connection... i am connected to my router though but i cant get on internet with the browser... there was a topic or reply somewhere here that discussed this problem... but i cant find it:( and i also cant find the init.rc thing.. ye i can find somehting that contains "init.rc" but not one that contains the code that i have to change.. EDIT: im reinstaling android now.. i formatted my sd card again and made 2 partitions of 2 gb. the first one set as primary: FAT32 and the second one as logical: ext4, but when i click the androidinstall.exe from the o2beta folder somewhere in the code it says: sd card moutend, sd card empty and then it says that the partitions are to small and failed to copy files to it... wut?!?
  19. i dont need an answer to the my storage problem.. i just switch to windows now and often and then put the files on it.. so thats not a problem. i got another problem now: the Market app shuts itself down constantly, it gives en error.. and now it says nothing... it just closes ?! is there a way to fix this? EDIT: meby stupid question... but HOW do i remove programs? i cant find an uninstall app and with manage apps i cant do it either... (and this has the highest priority!) Meby to much asked, but can i use whatsapp and pingchat with wifi in somewhay or do i need 3g connection ? (i dont have 3g abbo atm..) EDIT2: Some apps request a sd card?!? its in... i made 2 partitions a fat32 and a ext3... so thats shoud be enough? its the camera app (one of them but dunno others anymore..) it says: no sd card, please insert a sd card?! is there a way to set default to my storage? (where the windows photo's are stored too) and talking about the camera.. i read somewhere that it was limited to 5m? or is that fixed in beta 2? EDIT3: i have the strong feeling i miss some options in the options menu? i cant even set my device as mass storage mode... and also remove apps does not work .. (what i mentioned earlier..)
  20. ok, i managed to get Froyo on it!:) but where can i set the hardware buttons? its all over the place .. oh, when i connect my phone to my pc i dont see the "my storage" anymore. i only see the ext3 partition i made on my sdcard :S is there a way to fix this? otherwise i have to go in WM to put files on my device (btw i CAN see "my storage" on android)
  21. correct me if im wrong, but can i install the automatic Froyo without an extra sd card? so that i only use My Storage? otherwise i have to get myself a new sd card
  22. where can i find the files to install android to the i8000? when i go to the project site it says that de files does not exist:S can someone please help me:)?
  23. i try to get that driver on but it doesnt work.. win7 dont let me allow to do that :S is there a tutorial that WORKS for this? this is working on my nerves atm... EDIT: i tried flashing with this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/297627-guide-to-flashing-rom-on-i8000/ i exactly follow the steps. but when i am at the "detect with octans" thing it keeps saying waiting for device (my device is off as told).. why it does not work?!??!
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