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  1. Do you have a copy of modded stock v1
  2. tried to boot today after it went dead and I charged it, got the backlit screen with nothing happening. Gonna try the steps up above to fix it now
  3. Does anyone else find the touch a bit jumpy? If I try drag something it will jump around a few pixels within the area i have my finger. In multi touch visualiser it will jump around a good bit too
  4. I have already tried custom roms, I have tried modaco, vegacomb and corvus5 Same issue throughout the roms. I think I'll have to bring it back to curries.
  5. hey there, I bought the vega 2 days ago and have installed modaco and had some problems with the touch display. Sometimes it would not pick up my tocuhes until I hit the top right corner then it would work again for awhile. I thought it may be the rom so I installed Corvus5 and it has the same problem. Has this happened anyone else? And if it has have you found a fix?
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